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Sorenson Media www. With highly scalable cloud- and server-based encoding solutions and desktop applications, Sorenson Media empowers the enterprise and video professionals to easily and cost-effectively encode, transcode, manage and deliver the highest-quality video online and to mobile devices.

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Since , Sorenson Media has been at the forefront of bringing online and mobile video into the economic and cultural mainstream. As video rapidly proliferates online, businesses and video professionals increasingly rely on Sorenson Media's innovative solutions and legacy of trust to meet their evolving needs. Full Size. About Jan Ozer A video producer and consultant, Jan Ozer is a highly respected compression authority who serves as a contributing editor for Streaming Media Magazine and editor of the Streaming Learning Center blog.

About Sorenson Media Sorenson Media www. The only doubt concerns support in Apple's Safari, since Apple is following a proprietary route with its own FaceTime system, using H. Neither Firefox nor Opera supports H. Where H.

Apple iPad users apparently don't mind gaping holes in their web pages. Although Google has made noises about not supporting H. The H.

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This is more battery-efficient than decoding highly-compressed H. Mozilla's chief technology officer Brendan Eich has pointed out in a blog post, Video, Mobile, and the Open Web, that "Android stock browsers all Android versions , and Chrome on Android 4, all support H. He adds:. The question answers itself.

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  4. Mozilla lobbied against H. Eich, like most of us, would prefer a web unencumbered by patents.

    Google wants WebM not H.264 for HTML5 video chat

    I do not believe that we can reject H. It did this in preference to backing the open source Theora, which is actually based on VP3, a year-old On2 codec. However, Motorola is demanding what look like unreasonable fees, and trying to block the sale of products that use H. Anti-trust bodies may put a stop to this. The US Federal Trade Commission FTC "has opened a formal probe into whether Google Inc's Motorola Mobility unit is honoring pledges it made to license industry-standard technology for mobile and other devices on fair terms," according to Bloomberg , while the "European Commission [is investigating] Motorola Mobility's suspected abuse of standard-essential patents against Apple and Microsoft," according to FOSSpatents.

    Competition authorities only allowed Google to buy Motorola Mobility on the basis that it would not abuse its power. We must hope the presumption that Google wouldn't be evil was not misplaced. Realme enters race to ship a smartphone with a 64MP camera. Microsoft has become the third US company to achieve a trillion-dollar valuation.

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    Predictions RegTech funding will explode as VC investments in other markets cool. Tighter investor scrutiny will moderate venture capital and private equity investments. Meanwhile, regulatory technology funding will soar. Read our predictions. Google's new AI tool could help decode the mysterious algorithms that decide everything.

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    The search giant launches "Explainable AI" to make algorithms more transparent and customers less confused. Work from home? Survey says "Yes". Pretty much everyone wants to work at home.

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