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Amazon, by far the dominant platform for self-published e-books, sells around 19, of the titles a day, according to data compiled for the publishing data site AuthorEarnings. The writer behind the site estimates that 80 percent of erotica downloads for Kindle are written by self-published authors. Sethline said her readers, including those buying the gay titles, are overwhelmingly women.

The market for self-published erotica has drawn a lot of people into the work, both those just looking for easy money and others who find the stories stimulating themselves.

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But most see nowhere near the success Sethline has. Yes, that's also a pen name. Johnson said erotica readers who start writing for fun don't typically keep doing it for long. It's tough to make money if you don't look at it like a ruthless businessman. Johnson himself has been writing erotica for four years, publishing over a thousand stories under more than 50 pen names.

He puts in ten-hour days; if he really pushes himself, he can write two 4,word short stories or a 10,word novella in a day. So much volume requires variety. Johnson is a gay man, but like Sethline, he writes stories with all kinds of gender configurations.

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I find it hard to write ABDL [adult baby diaper love] erotica, whether gay or straight, because it seems so silly and pointless—I can't even pretend to think diapers are sexy. But most other hetero erotica is easy as pie, even if I have to pretend I have a vagina. Still, Johnson said he does sometimes try to write about topics he actually cares about—if not in a sexual way.

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He's interested in Polynesian culture, so he just published a story about a fa'afafine, a member of Samoan society's "third gender. Despite what you may have read about dinosaur erotica , Johnson says there's not actually much of a market out there for authors like Chuck Tingle moderately famous for absurdist classics like "My Ass is Haunted by the Gay Unicorn Colonel," "Slammed in the Butthole by My Concept of Linear Time," and the newly Hugo-nominated "Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

Nevertheless, the dinosaur bestiality loophole represents a real issue for anyone trying to make a living in self-publishing: the control that Amazon has over the market. The company has cornered the market partly by requiring authors to sell exclusively through it if they want to be included in Kindle Unlimited, Amazon's Netflix-style subscription service. Incidentally, Cooper is a guy writing under a female pen name, something that's extremely common since female readers seem mostly disinclined to buy writing published under a male name.

Last summer, Amazon proved just how easily it can alter the dynamics of self-publishing when it changed its payment system. In addition to getting a significant percentage of simple sales of their e-books—up to 70 percent if the book meets certain guidelines —authors who use the Kindle direct publishing system are paid a small percentage from a pool of money that the company sets aside each month for Kindle Unlimited reimbursement.

In the past, each author's share was based on the total number of times a Kindle Unlimited member downloaded one of their books for free. Under the new system launched last summer , payment is now based on the number of pages a member reads after downloading a title. She's seen big men before but nothing like this.

Tristan is one-of-a-kind.

So gigantic that Krista will never forget what happens on the grass that day in the middle of a football stadium. Published: January 10, Words: 24, Published: January 9, What if you found the one? And she slipped through your fingers Rebel was arrested for a crime he didn't commit.

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Four years later, he walks out a free man. But his one love has moved on. Those beautiful eyes will never forgive him and it's the hardest thing for Rebel to swallow. Features a curvy woman and the bad boy biker that steals her heart. Published: January 8, Too much to handle!

Untouched naughty lovers that need that big juicy Peek inside to find out how much she wants it It's Too Big! Published: January 7, I've always been attracted to the man of the house. His confidence is so sexy. Published: January 4, Don't Stop! It Feels So Good!

Inexperienced lovers that are way too forbidden Way Too Big! Published: January 3, Emily is back home and she has two guys to pick from. And they couldn't be more different.


How to Make Money Writing Kindle Erotica

Colton is well dressed and well off. Axel wears leather and rides motorcycles. Why can't she have both? Published: January 2, Words: 22, Published: December 31, What if one moment in time controlled your fate? I wasn't ready for a commitment. It was only supposed to be one night.

Now she's carrying my heir. Can I give it all up to protect them? Published: December 28, Submit to the Man of the House 50 of the dirtiest stories you've ever read.

See a Problem?

I know you want to peek inside. Way Too Rough! Words: 8, Published: December 27, Will it hurt? Untouched lovers get into taboo encounters Filled to the Max!

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Published: December 26, Think you can handle the heat? Look inside for all the naughty fun! You know what's waiting for you Published: December 24, Leah wasn't ready for him. Blake is everything she ever wanted in a man. Dangerously good looks, money, and into her curves. But can she handle every inch of him Published: December 21, Published: December 20, Natalie was a mistake. One hot sexy mistake. But I let her get too close. Now she shows up pregnant and I'll do whatever it takes to protect them both. Natalie and my heir are all that matters. Words: 63, Published: December 19, A BIG present from an experienced man Published: December 18, Evelyn is untouched but finally ready.

The man of the house has a BIG present that will lead to nine months of consequences Words: 94, Published: December 17, Stretched Too Much!

How to Make Money Writing Kindle Erotica

Published: December 14, Carol picks up a hot hitchhiker on her way home that turns out to be escaped convict, Robert Miller. Robert needs to find a way out of the country and Carol might be the only answer. Author's Note: This insta-love romance between Carol and Robert has heat that's off the charts.

Published: December 13, How does dirty, filthy, and naughty sound? Check out this collection of bad boy encounters! Words: 10, Published: December 12, Alexander never told me he was royalty.

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And I let him When I found out who he was, I did what I always did and ran away. I wasn't cut out to be a princess. But now I'm carrying his heir and I'll do whatever it takes to make this fairy tale come true.