Manual Three-Part Invention, no. 13: Sinfonia in A minor

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Thomas Ragossnig zestfully interprets the various musical affections in these miniatures, so that these complex works function as a musically meaningful and stimulating cycle and not only as "contrapuntal references". Christiane Jaccottet's recording has exceptionally strong melodic flow and an exquisite E-flat Sinfonia. Peter Watchorn's set is ecstatic, with a wide variety of intense moods.

Bach: Sinfonia No. 13 in A Minor, BWV 799

Pieter-Jan Belder's performance is plain-spoken and simple. Show Basket. Rate this Album. To hear all my offspring as one complete work is a rarity, and for me a unique event.

J.S. Bach - Sinfonia #13 (A minor) - Three Part Invention

It was the perfect place for music-making — great acoustic, lots of room and great schnitzels and beer. Spending evenings there was often many times more pleasurable than teaching Latin to those spoiled brats at the Thomasschule.

Bach 15 Sinfonias, BWV - Download free sheet music

One is conducted by Mr. The participants on these musical concerts are chiefly students here, and there are always good musicians among them, so that sometimes they become, as is known, famous virtuosos.

here At least Mr. Zhu Xiao-Mei. New York Times, 25th November She follows Bach's instructions to perform in a "cantabile" style, the melodic lines always emerging with crystalline clarity over the counterpoint.

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  • And like too many pianists. She plays other pieces that should be more moderate at a breathless clip, like the A-minor Invention. This music is better served by other pianists. Show Basket.