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The book ventures into the most difficult areas of all, that is our mind and our soul.

Finally, it attempts to offer practical advice on how to live a moral life. Pastor Paul Saunders has dedicated himself to become an in-depth Bible teacher since In particular, the study of Bible prophesy. In order to properly understand prophesy, one also needs to be an Historian.

The Price of Promiscuity : Does the Number of Sex Partners Affect School Attainment ?

It is this combination of the study of the Bible, history and dealing with people, that this information contained in this book was developed. The Price of Promiscuity. While Nobles County may have a large number of genital warts and genital herpes cases, these are not tracked by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Therefore, it isn't possible to look at trends for these infections. At this time, there is just one vaccine available to protect a female -- Gardisil, which can prevent contracting HPV.

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The vaccine protects against four different strains of HPV, including those that cause 90 percent of genital warts cases and 70 percent of cervical cancers. While Gardisil is recommended for girls and young women ages 9 to 26 to protect against HPV, Klooster is quick to point out the only way to keep from getting a sexually transmitted infection is abstinence.

That doesn't happen.

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Those who choose to be sexually active should consider reducing their number of partners, using condoms and practicing good personal hygiene. There are all sorts of abnormal pap smears coming in with different stages of the HPV.

The number of abnormal paps Klooster has seen in her work at SMOC Family Planning really has her concerned about the future for some of the teens who come into her office. Klooster said the ultimate goal is to keep society sexually healthy.

CPAC Pays the Price for Political Promiscuity | Intellectual Takeout

For that to happen, she said health professionals and educators aren't the only ones needed to address the issues -- parents must get involved. Author links open overlay panel Lena J. Daumann a Bianca Y. McCarthy a Kieran S.

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