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New posts. Search forums. Hello Fellow Yuneec Pilot! Join our free Yuneec community and remove this annoying banner! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. H camera not pointing forward.

Thread starter Chris wootten Start date Oct 30, Chris wootten. Joined Aug 20, Messages 10 Reaction score 0 Age It looks like k2 is going to half position not fully up. Is there any way to reset this? Thanks in advance. David Aaskov. Joined Apr 28, Messages 25 Reaction score 3 Age Chris wootten said:. No repairs to camera, 3 degree if 5 is straight down.

I have noticed the the slider for speed is doing to same. So when both sliders are fully up in hardware monitor there are only half way up. I calibrated by having both the siders in the centre and calibrated. Centered yes, as you calibrate, you tilt up and down then center.

H camera not pointing forward | Yuneec Drone Forum

Make sure when calibrating, the ST16 has to be calibrated meaning you have to calibrate all the controls. I don't think you can only calibrated the camera only without going through all the controls? I was talking about the gimbal calibration, I'm asking how to calibrate the st Also when calibrating the ST 16 the same goes for the rabbit and turtle slider all the way forward and back then in the middle centered.

Yes, I had the same issue, my camera was not in the correct position also like yours, because I was not calibrating it correctly. Thanks but how do I activate the calibration on the st Where is it? AND no new bodies this year, how nice. Just bury the 7d series already, the 80d is already dead, rebels are out of here, the 6d is finished. Ill always love my canons, but im adding either one of these or a nikon to my kit. Not waiting on these slow lazy cheap bums any more.

I'm impressed at the lack of contrast focus point on the A9 is being rectified. Well done Sony for making such a big upgrade on a 2-year old camera! I watched the video, feels like edited video though. That you think we have the time to do that when we can barely keep up with camera reviews Will this work on adapted lenses as well? I have some EF-S lenses I'd like to keep even if I bought an A - both because they're good lenses and because it would bring the cost of changing brands down.

Can one use back button focus instead of the half press? That would obviate the need to re-acquire focus in between shots. There are limits to my desire to experiment. Not that this is a fantastic use of AI in a camera, and not that this would be a deal breaker, but I was curious how far have they gone with AI.

Great family, and love the work you do to bring the latest info to us, to make a better decision. Can you imagine that a few years ago when I started using a DSLR and heard that Nikon had the best professional tracking, and this is what I expected, only to be disappointed when I actually tried to use one. I guess I was thinking way ahead of the times.

Moving the Camera

Rishi Sanyal. You say real time tracking uses other information besides face and eye information to track without loosing subject. My experience with A9 with latest update and face priority for AF-C is that if face is partly and temporarily obscured by say the peak of persons hat the focus will immediately jump to another nearby face that is not obscured. This is not the same as shown in your video. What were all your camera settings?

I would like to learn from you. But thanks for all your hard work. I have learnt a lot from your articles.

I have to say also: that video is well worth the brief minutes of watching, and Sony's advance looks very solid and impressive. After building lenses with such a shallow depth of field, they really owe this to those who are using their gear!

From point-and-shoot to DSLR and mirrorless, here’s how to choose a camera

I got the idea of new tracking feature and it sounds promising. But from my experience shooting sports events I'd like to know if the new system was tested also in situations when the camera is moved to follow the subject across a longer path - a pretty common shooting situation in trail running, mountainbike trail riding, but also surfing, for instance.

Does the new tracking help to keep the focus on the subject during the sweep? If not tested yet, I could imagine that more photographers would like to have an assessment about this.

Camera types

I've shot several pro surfing sessions using the a9, it already rocks for that, due in part to the af improvements from the last 4 firmware updates that it already got. I just bought a Sony A7iii since I shoot a lot of sports stuff.

Nikon Takes Giant Leap Forward with Z Mirrorless Camera System

I figured Sony would be adding functionality via firmware like some of the other companies. However, I really don't appreciate games like this to differentiate particular models, some cheaper and some not. If you want to put it on your top model, fine, but don't stick it on a low level model just to goose sales. A new series of cameras like the 7iii should include firmware features like this.

Sony's 'Real-time tracking' is a big leap forward for autofocus

If this were a recently introduced Samsung phone, you'd get the improved functionality. I may return it and get something else non-Sony. I don't think your assessment of goosing sales is accurate here. The a is a new model, and it's the first to have the new focusing mode.

It's in the a because it's the first camera to come out since they made this AF technology, not because it's some plan to artificially generate interest. It's not clear how hardware dependent this feature is.

Foscam HD Cameras - Port Forwarding on PC

I don't see anything that hints either way. Who knows, maybe you will get the feature at some point. Yeah, that makes sense. I can't get the latest AF tracking update so I'll sell my camera for one that has worse tracking than I have now. How do you know that the camera I may buy in the future has worse tracking than [what] I have now? As you said, "Yeah, that makes sense".

I have been unable to find a clear answer in this I know animal eye AF is, but what about the tracking?

I think features such as this are good, however I've been into photography for over 50 years.