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The story is engrossing and engaging, and a little fun.

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I don't always like mystery books, but I enjoyed this one. Another entertaining Bookshop Mystery. The writing is a little stilted in places but overall a fun read.

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Plot Boiler. Ali Brandon. The New York Times bestselling author of Literally Murder returns to Pettistone's Fine Books, where the silence of Hamlet the cat speaks volumes about two mysterious deaths The Yokogawa YEWFLO vortex flowmeter has been installed successfully in thousands of steam metering installations worldwide for over 30 years. Low pressure losses, only two connections to the process and high reliability coupled with zero maintenance are just some of the reasons why this meter has been applied in such numbers worldwide.

The majority of steam metering is still volumetric. For example, a 0.

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Applications can be as diverse as condensate differential temperature control through to simple line pressure monitoring. A comprehensive range of pressure and temperature instruments can be supplied to give an accurate and reliable picture of what is happening in the system. Fuel oil metering is traditionally the domain of mechanical type flowmeters.

Mechanical flowmeters can be highly prone to problems of a blockage nature or simple mechanical wear and tear due to contaminants in the system. The mechanical meters also introduce a high-pressure loss in the system, which in turn can increase the transportation costs. A modern alternative would be to consider the Rotamass coriolis mass flowmeter.

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Some of the benefits that can be accrued by applying this type of measurement on boiler fuel oil metering are:. The meter has virtually no pressure losses with its full bore design and has one of the widest dynamic flow ranges of any flowmeter available today.

The high accuracy of 0. It is of critical importance that the water passing through the boiler is highly conditioned so as not to lay down deposits or to cause corrosion. Both conditions will damage pipes, valves and heat exchangers that will inevitably require replacement, a time consuming and expensive task in itself, not to mention the knock on costs of losing steam. Conductivity and pH measurements are the watchdogs of the steam circuit; together they monitor the level of impurities and control the addition of conditioning chemicals.

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  2. African oil burner.
  3. Twist in my sobriety (Portuguese Edition).

Conductivity measurement monitors the amount of solids dissolved within the water. Typical boiler feed water contains less than 0.

This must be compensated, otherwise any measurement made is meaningless. Yokogawa conductivity systems have been designed with these conditions in mind. Large area sensors are used to optimize sensitivity and matrix temperature compensation accurately mirrors the non linear characteristicsof ultra pure water.

It is a little known fact, that a coated or polarized conductivity sensor produces a reading that is lower than reality. In other words the conductivity meter reports that the water quality is within the required tolerance levels when it is not.

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Yokogawa systems use diagnostic checks that can detect breakage, non-immersion, fouling, polarization and cable problems. The conductivity measurement 'monitors' the water quality, Yokogawa high performance meters offer the accurate measurement, backed up by comprehensive diagnostic systems.

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  • Correct treatment of the boiler feedwater is a vital function in minimizing potential damage to the boiler hardware. The primary function used to accomplish correct treatment, is the control of the pH value of the feedwater to within a narrow band. The graph below shows that the lowest rates of boiler corrosion occur at around pH10, with corrosion effects increasing if the pH value of the water becomes acid or alkali.

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    The measurement of pH in ultra pure water can be difficult to achieve, due to reference junction instability, glass electrode response, sensitivity to electrical noise and the effects of process temperature. Careful choice of electrodes such as low ohmic glass and positive pressure reference combined with stainless steel holders can eliminate these effects.

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    In order to provide the best performance Yokogawa Exa transmitters utilize noise rejecting differential amplification, which also facilitates the comprehensive diagnostics. The diagnostics can detect broken glass, fouled electrodes, non-immersion and cable problems. Not only will any failure be immediately brought to the operator's attention; the electrode life can also be calculated. This means that maintenance can be planned to occur before any failure and prevent un-scheduled call outs.

    Precise oxygen measurement is critical for boiler combustion control. To achieve optimum combustion efficiency and reduce emissions, the ratio of fuel to air is very critical. Too much oxygen causes thermal losses through the exhaust stack, whereas too little oxygen produces unacceptable stack emissions.