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We know that the things we can see, touch, feel, or sense with our physical senses are not reality, and we also know that our feelings, thoughts, opinions, or decisions — all these matters of the soul are not reality. Only spiritual things are real, and in particular only God Himself is real. How can we, human beings who are here today and in a few years are gone, touch reality, live in reality, and be in reality?

How can we enter into the reality of the Body of Christ? It is all by means of our mingled spirit, the divine Spirit mingled with our spirit.

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First, reality is God and God is reality; then, this reality has come — Jesus came as the embodiment of God to be the way, the reality, and the life. And just before the Lord Jesus died, He promised that He will not leave His disciples orphans but He will return to them, and He will send the Spirit of reality, who will not speak of Himself but of what He hears from God and of Christ. In other words, the Lord Jesus promised us that He will return as the Spirit of reality, and He will guide us into all the reality of the Triune God. Now there is one Body and one Spirit, even as we were called in one hope of our calling Eph.

Through regeneration and baptism we are baptised in one Spirit into one Body 1 Cor. Now as the believers in Christ, we have Christ as the Spirit in our spirit — we are one spirit with the Lord 1 Cor. When we live in the mingled spirit, we will spontaneously fulfill the requirements of the law, and we will live a life of reality, a repetition and continuation of the life of Jesus.

The reality in Jesus should be duplicated in His many members — which is us, the many believers in Christ — so that they may live corporately in the reality of the Body of Christ. Amen, may the Lord gain such a reality in us and among us today! May the reality which is in Jesus be duplicated and lived out in all the believers in Christ as the members of Christ, so that the Lord may gain a corporate reality of the Body of Christ!

The reality of Christ has become the Spirit of reality imparted into the believers essentially. In Eph. What kind of life did Jesus live? We as believers in Christ are regenerated with Him as our life, and the Spirit of reality is in us; now we can live out the same kind of life as Jesus did by the Spirit of reality with our spirit.

The Spirit of reality imparts the reality of Jesus into us, and He teaches us subjectively what the reality is in Jesus. The Gentiles walked and lived a life of vanity, but we did not so learn Christ, if indeed we have been taught in Him by the Spirit of reality as the reality is in Jesus. Reality is personified in the person of Jesus Christ, and this One is in us as the Spirit of reality.

The human living of Jesus was according to the reality, that is, according to God Himself; Jesus was one with God, God was with Him, and He was one with God to express God — this is the meaning of the reality is in Jesus.

Having the Reality of the Body of Christ by Living in the Spirit

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