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Equilibria Part 8 Phase equilibria-vapour pressure, organic molecule examples - bond polarity, boiling point and intermolecular forces Equilibria Part 2 K c equilibrium expressions and calculations Equilibria Part 5 pH, weak-strong acid-base theory and K a , k b and K w equilibrium calculations Equilibria Part 6 Salt hydrolysis, Acid-base titrations-indicators, pH curves and buffers.

Acidity of hexa-aqua ions Structured Question worksheet on Acid-Base volumetric titration calculations answers. Revision notes on the Structure, Classification and Naming of Organic Nitrogen Compounds, including nomenclature of isomers. Multiple choice quiz on the Classification, Structure and Naming nomenclature of Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen.

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Type in name Quiz on the nomenclature of Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen. Halogenoalkanes haloalkanes, alkyl halides Nucleophilic substitution by ammonia to make a primary amine Organic synthesis redox reactions - including reduction of nitriles use top summary table index. Buffers, titrations, and solubility equilibria Titrations: Type in name Quiz on the nomenclature of Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen.

Electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and equilibrium: Thermochemistry - Calorimetry experiments - Enthalpies of reaction, formation, combustion and bond dissociation are explained with exemplar calculations. I was just wondering if you know of any more websites like these that have notes for business and design technology? My final exams are May! Halogenoalkanes haloalkanes, alkyl halides Elimination of hydrogen bromide to give an alkene Extra GCSE Organic Chemistry Notes - brief notes organic molecule families e.

Spotting optical isomers Q hand written answers. SL and HL Options. Methods of separating mixtures including chromatography use index at top. HL only NMR problem solving. Selected case studies of kinetics and rate expressions and calculations including enzymes. HL only Spotting optical isomers Q hand written answers.

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Use sub-index and keyword list at top of page. Aromatic hydrocarbons - arene electrophilic substitution acylation [Friedel-Crafts reaction]. More bonding review File. Equation Stoichiometry Exercises - Answers File. Equations Problem - class notes File. Practice Formula and Equation Stoichiometry File. Molarity Notes and Exercises File. Practice equation stoichiometry File. Practice gas laws File. Specific Heat Practice File.

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  5. Thermochemistry Practice Problems File. Answers to Thermochemistry Practice Problems File. Hess's Law Practice File. More class practice File. Chart of pH Indicators File. Download it once and read. Equilibrium Practice Problems File. Answers to Equilibrium Practice Problems File. Some answers to Le Chatelier Practice File. However, reviewing the film at AboutFilm.

    Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

    Michael Koresky believed Kubrick did this because of the rejuvenating symbolism of Christmas. For desire is like Christmas: While virtually every scene has a Christmas tree, there is "no Christmas music or cheery Christmas spirit. Historians, travel guide authors, novelists, and merchants of Venetian masks have noted that these have a long history of being worn during promiscuous activities. Nelson notes that the sex ritual combines elements of Venetian Carnival and Catholic rites, in particular, the character of "Red Cloak" who simultaneously serves as Grand Inquisitor and King of Carnival.

    Its symbolic meaning is represented through its connection to the characters in the film; as Tim Kreider points out, this can be seen through the masks in the prostitute's apartment and her being renamed as " Domino " in the film, which is a type of Venetian Mask. TV spots featured both Isaak and Ligeti's songs from the soundtrack, while revealing little about the movie's plot. The numbers put it as Kubrick's second highest grossing film in the country, behind A Space Odyssey , [80] but were considered a box office disappointment.

    The international performances for Eyes Wide Shut were more positive, with Kubrick's long-time assistant and brother-in-law Jan Harlan stating that "It was badly received in the Anglo-Saxon world, but it was very well received in the Latin world and Japan.

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    In Italy, it was a huge hit. Eyes Wide Shut received positive reviews from critics. The website's critical consensus states, "Kubrick's intense study of the human psyche yields an impressive cinematic work. In the Chicago Tribune , Michael Wilmington declared the film a masterpiece, lauding it as "provocatively conceived, gorgeously shot and masterfully executed [ Club was also highly positive, arguing that "the film's primal, almost religious intensity and power is primarily derived from its multifaceted realization that disobeying the dictates of society and your conscience can be both terrifying and exhilarating.

    Critic Roger Ebert gave the film a positive 3. Reviewer James Berardinelli stated that it was arguably one of Kubrick's best films. Along with considering Kidman "consistently excellent", he wrote that Kubrick "has something to say about the causes and effects of depersonalized sex", and praised the work as "thought-provoking and unsettling". The dreamlike intensity of previous Kubrick visions is in full force here. Some reviewers were unfavorable.

    One complaint was that the movie's pacing was too slow; while this may have been intended to convey a dream state, critics objected that it made actions and decisions seem laboured. Hunter elaborates on his criticism, and states that "Kubrick is annoyingly offhand while at the same time grindingly pedantic; plot points are made over and over again, things are explained till the dawn threatens to break in the east, and the movie stumbles along at a glacial pace.

    Who are these people played by Cruise and Kidman, who act as if no one has ever made a pass at them and are so deeply traumatized by their newfound knowledge of sexual fantasies--the kind that mainstream culture absorbed at least half a century ago? Even dream plays need some grounding in the real world. Hoberman wrote that the film "feels like a rough draft at best. Lee Siegel from Harper's felt that most critics responded mainly to the marketing campaign and did not address the film on its own terms.

    For the introduction to Michel Ciment 's Kubrick: The Definitive Edition , Scorsese wrote: If you go back and look at the contemporary reactions to any Kubrick picture except the earliest ones , you'll see that all his films were initially misunderstood. Then, after five or ten years came the realization that or Barry Lyndon or The Shining was like nothing else before or since.

    Most home videos remove the verse that was claimed to be cited from the sacred Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita although it was Pook's reworking of "Backwards Priests" as stated above. The previous DVD release used a 1. It is also the first American home video release to feature the uncut version. Although the earliest American DVD of the uncut version states on the cover that it includes both the R-rated and unrated editions, in actuality only the unrated edition is on the DVD.

    Some have argued that the work which remained was minor and exclusively technical in nature, allowing the estate to faithfully complete the film based on the director's notes. However, decisions regarding sound mixing, scoring and color-correction would have necessarily been made without Kubrick's input. Furthermore, Kubrick had a history of continuing to edit his films up until the last minute, and in some cases even after initial public screenings, as had been the case with A Space Odyssey and The Shining.

    Writing for Vanity Fair , Kubrick collaborator Michael Herr recalled a phone call from the director regarding the cut that would be screened for the Warner Bros. Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam, has expressed that he considers Eyes Wide Shut to be an unfinished film:. I think Eyes Wide Shut was snatched up by the studio when Stanley died and they just grabbed the highest number Avid edit and ran off as if that was the movie. But it was three months before the movie was due to be released.

    I don't think there's a chance that was the movie he had in mind, or the music track and a lot of other things. It's a great shame because you know it's out there, but it doesn't feel to me as it's really his film. Nicole Kidman, one of the stars of the film, briefly wrote about the completion of the film and the release of the film being at the same time of John F.

    Peinliche XXL-Brüste: So ergeht es Kindern mit Hot-Moms & ihren Op-Wahn - SAT.1 Frühstücksfernsehen

    Kennedy Jr's death from her perspective:. There was a lot of interest in Eyes Wide Shut before it was released. And for Stanley to have died [on March 7, , at age 70] before the film opened Stanley had sent over the cut he considered done to us, Tom and I watched it in New York — and then he died. Jan Harlan , Kubrick's brother-in-law and executive producer, reported that Kubrick was "very happy" with the film and considered it to be his "greatest contribution to the art of cinema". He said Cruise and Kidman had their way with him — exactly the words he used. Field's response appeared in an October 18, interview with Grouch Reviews: The polite thing would be to say 'No comment'.

    He was still working on the film when he died. And he probably died because he finally relaxed. It was one of the happiest weekends of his life, right before he died, after he had shown the first cut to Terry, Tom and Nicole. He would have kept working on it, like he did on all of his films. But I know that from people around him personally, my partner who was his assistant for thirty years. And I thought about R. Lee Ermey for In the Bedroom. And I talked to Stanley a lot about that film, and all I can say is Stanley was adamant that I shouldn't work with him for all kinds of reasons that I won't get into because there is no reason to do that to anyone, even if they are saying slanderous things that I know are completely untrue.

    In a reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, Stanley Kubrick's daughter, Katharina Kubrick, claimed that her father was very proud of the film. Citing contractual obligations to deliver an R rating , Warner Bros. This alteration antagonized film critics and cinephiles, [] as they argued that Kubrick had never been shy about ratings A Clockwork Orange was originally given an X-rating.

    In New Zealand and in Europe, the uncensored version has been shown on television with some controversy.