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I turn the car around and go back and check and then start off again. I might get five metres down the road and think I hear something and then I have to stop and check again. Once I have checked I calm down and tell myself it is okay. I start driving and the panic just rises.

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Imagine if I hit someone, or a little animal. I would rather not drive. There are many common symptoms of anxiety disorders. Some of these symptoms, particularly the physical symptoms, are also common with anxiety but anxiety tends to come and go whereas an anxiety disorder means you are likely to be having these symptoms frequently. The symptoms include:. An apparently random, sudden and intense feeling of fear resulting in a panic attack with symptoms like:. Repeating the behaviours may initially help to decrease the feelings of anxiety, however with OCD the thoughts regularly come back.

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PTSD can occur after experiencing a frightening event where you felt your life was threatened actual harm may have occurred or not. The event may be either watching or experiencing an accident, abuse, physical harm or a disaster. PTSD can cause you to have memories flashbacks to the event, nightmares and severe anxiety. Often the anxiety that comes with PTSD makes you feel so overwhelmed it is difficult to get on with daily life.

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Unhelpful or distorted thinking is likely to be one of the biggest causes of anxiety. There are many types of unhelpful ways of thinking such as:. Distorted thinking can lead to changes in brain chemistry, which can then cause anxious feelings in your body. These physical feelings like sweaty palms, a racing heart and fast breathing are uncomfortable and can be scary and you tend to want to avoid them so you end up avoiding the very thing that caused the thoughts and feelings to happen in the first place.

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It becomes a cycle of fear. There is debate about whether anxiety disorders are influenced by genetics.

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  • The relationship between genes and anxiety is likely to be complex and it may be that genes interact with your personality, your patterns of thinking, the events that happen in your life and other causes like illness. All I do is think of you, honey, you stay on my mind Hey, all the time, oh All I do is speak of you, honey, you stay on my mind You stay on my mind, oh, baby All I do is dream of you, honey, you stay on my mind Dreams of you and I makin' love again, baby, yeah All I do is think of you, baby, all the time All the time and it don't stop.

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    And it won't stop The kissin' and the lovin' The things you do to me, you keep me satisfied And it don't stop Let me give you my lovin' Let me show you how much that I think about you every night. All I do is think of you, honey, you stay on my mind Hey All I do is speak of you, honey, you stay on my mind Oh, my mind, on my mind All I do is dream of you, honey, you stay on my mind Dreams of you and I, yeah All I do is think of you, baby, all the time All the time, all the time.

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