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If the assessment recommends intensive outpatient treatment, a hearing will be held to modify the bail, where appropriate, to allow the release with specific conditions including the treatment component.

“Something Doesn’t Feel Right”

At the preliminary arraignment, if the offender is not incarcerated, but is determined to be a candidate for the program, the offender is directed to report to the Access Center at Crozer Community Hospital by a. Both Crozer and the coordinator are immediately notified by the MDJ staff of the referral. Those persons who are receiving intensive outpatient treatment are required to report to the coordinator, Stephanie Price, on a weekly basis to review their progress.

Rehabilitation is the goal of the Second Chance Court Program and the focus of the violation hearing. We have been able to get many of the participants into long-term treatment. Of course success depends on the individual being committed to the program and equally invested in treatment and sobriety. Currently, two of our participants are now becoming certified recovery specialists helping others. The offender has several options, as follows:.

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Unfortunately, both the grant and the Medicaid system in Pennsylvania do not allow out-of- county residents to receive funding for the treatment. There is no mechanism for Delaware County to be reimbursed for non-resident treatment. The simple answer is no. Each individual must submit an application which is then reviewed by the drug treatment court team. There are many advantages to entering the drug treatment court. First and foremost is treatment and rehabilitation.

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He served a total of 11 years. While he was in prison, he found a new way to success.

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He wrote his first novel, The Hill , while in prison and found a talent for performance. After he was released, he found international acclaim as a spoken word poet, eventually being named Poet of the Year. The book acts as a guide to help young men make better decisions that keep them out of prison or losing their lives prematurely. Through his work as an artist, motivational speaker, author, and community leader, Lamont is helping equip young people and formerly incarcerated individuals with skills and opportunities to transform their lives and choose a better way to tackle the challenges they face.

Alice John Lamont. Desperation can cause any one of us to make a life-changing mistake. Former Prisoner.

U.S.-born ISIS bride says 'everyone deserves a second chance'

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