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She likes to listen to music while she draws and, as a result, comes up with silly music video ideas for her characters. Her medium tends to be digital, but nothing beats drawing with pencil and paper. Lastly, she loves fat little birds like nothing else in the world and now no one is surprised as to why she's drawing Bird Brain Books.

Emlyn Chand. This is a great toy to get babies moving, dancing, and even speaking. The Rockit sings songs about the alphabet, colors, numbers and is always dancing to keep any baby entertained. It's a hands-on toy that babies will love exploring. Rocktopus has three settings for kids to play with, which include a musical math mode, free play composition, and game-mode.

With all of these settings, kids will have fun learning about, and with, music. You can also download the free Rocktopus app which lets kids create their very own music videos. You'll forever be the "cool one" when you give them their very own pet dinosaur.

This T-Rex comes with a bottle and two treats, so kids can take care of him. This baby dino responds with over 35 sound and motion combinations when kids feed him, wave at him, and play with him.

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Any Star Wars fanatic will love hanging out with this plush Chewbacca. No matter where their imagination may take them, Chewie will be the best co-pilot on adventures to a galaxy far, far away. With over sound and motion combinations, Ricky is much more than a regular stuffed animal — he's also a pet that loves to perform cool tricks.

Kids can even feed him he comes with a bone and 18 doggie treats! Basic challenges — like stacking, balancing, and bouncing — are made even more difficult with tiny hands. This game comes with over activity cards that detail the physical stunts you need to accomplish using tiny hands. Everyone is sure to be laughing when you play this one.

This kit comes with everything you need to create your very own garden. Kids will love watching their plants grow over time.

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Plus, glow-in-the-dark stickers help light up the terrarium so they can watch it at night too. This game is simple, but sure to be exciting. The player places this crown on their head, loads the dangling forks with small pieces of food, and then presses a button to start the music. When the music begins, the forks rotate randomly around the crown, but the player has to eat all of the food before the music stops.

This game tests your ability to keep cool under pressure. Players wear the Cool-O-Meter, which measures heart rate, on their head while opposing players roll the dice to determine how they will attempt to get the other player to lose their cool. Some examples are "be an animal" and "sing".

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Dice-rollers need to act out these tasks in the most absurd ways possible; if the player gets flustered their heart rate will go up sounding off the alarm on the Cool-O-Meter. The coolest player will win. Whatever you do, don't step in the pile of poop. That's the objective of this game, but with a twist. You're blindfolded the whole time, so good luck! And, of course, the "poop" is just modeling clay so don't be too alarmed. This game has all the same rules, but a more colorful, unicorn-inspired setup. Load up the whipped cream cannon and launch it at your opponents face.

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They can try to block the splat by using the blocking hand. Try to test your luck, but you likely will end up with some whipped cream on your face. This egg carton is filled with 12 adorable, collectible neon figurines. To find out who's in their carton, kids have to rub the purple heart on the egg until it turns pink, then gently crack the shell and reveal the figurine.

Each time is a new surprise. This egg holds a fluffy character — but it's a mystery. Hatch the egg to reveal one of four fluffy creatures, then raise it from a baby to a kid. Your Hatchimal can even learn your name, play music and games. Kids will love steering and racing with these Go-Karts.

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With rubber wheels, race-style pedals, and a skid brake, this Go-Kart is easy for kids to control on their own. Kids will have to test their problem-solving skills to keep their cars from crashing on this crazy course. Now you get security sandbox to fight 0-day threats, ransomware. G Suite gains more phishing protections, including security sandbox and 'confidential mode' self-destructing email.

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