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You might be concerned that using guides will limit how creative you can be with your slide design. Now you are ready to create PowerPoint designs worthy of the great Leonardo himself. Go dazzle your audience with beautifully balanced slides! To continue on your journey to master all things PowerPoint, why not take a look at our advanced typography guide.

If you have any questions about PowerPoint grids and guides leave them in the comments below. Colour has always been powerful; from warning us which berries to avoid, to establishing iconic global brands. Many of us consider it a key tool when designing presentations — but what effect does this reliance on colour have on people with colour blindness? When Microsoft brought out 3D models support in PowerPoint, we were all a bit excited. From first experiments rotating objects with Morph to ambitious plans to recreate Star Wars in our favourite presentation software, we were determined to push boundaries.

However, there are only so many times you…. There is no definitive rule as to the distance from the top of the slide your title should be.

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As a general guide to creating a comfortable margin you could take the height of the title font and use that as a minimum distance to place the title from the top and left hand edges. We would advise to keep the position of the title consistent throughout, whether the slide has a subtitle or not. Having this in the exact same position on each slide helps both the presenter and the audience to navigate. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. First of all the deck looks great, once again you guys have done an outstanding job.

I have spoken to the whole team and that view is unanimous.

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Please pass this on. Why are grids important? It simply is a single rectangle that defines the margins of the format. A column grid is typically used in presentation design, as well as in web and user interface UI design, books, magazines, and newspapers. The number of columns used is defined by the format; a small book may use one or two and a newspaper six or eight.

Magazines often use several different grids within the same issue, varying the number of columns to suit the layout of each individual page. Here are a few ways to divide up a modular grid to create well-proportioned and interesting layouts: Adding guides in PowerPoint So, how do you create your own grid?

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Setting up a custom PowerPoint grid Setting up a custom grid is really easy with our BrightSlide add-in. Using your PowerPoint guides The great thing about setting up your own guides in PowerPoint is that you can ensure consistency across multiple presentations. And finally, does using PowerPoint grids and guides limit creativity?

Leave a comment. Related articles. Nov 26th Jun Optimising your presentations for people with colour blindness. Read article. Miguel Calejo says:. Shee Juma says:. Steph says:. John says:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment. This is inserted via the insert menu no button and produces a side menu with a selection of shapes. CourseLab Quick Start Guide 9 Using objects All graphic and text items are classed as objects and, as we will see later, can have actions applied to them.

In addition there are a number of other complex objects that are available by clicking on the insert object button. As a result there are a number of very useful objects that have been included into the package to help develop lessons. A summary of these are as follows. External Elements The ability to open documents, links and a browser within a lesson.

This allows a browser window to be opened within the CourseLab environment. They include a colour gradient to be used in the background of a module and click areas, to be used when constructing menus. Rich Media Objects This allows you to import various media objects including Flash-Movies, Shockwave-animations, java applets and video clips.

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The latter should allow standard Windows Media and Quicktime formats. These can be animated by a series of actions that allow some complex moves to be made. Lists Allow list of items to be displayed in various formats. Good to uncover items step by step Text Boxes Text boxes that offer a higher level of complexity than simple text boxes.

Form Controls Allows the input of data into variables for later calculation and display Simulations Questions Allows a range of question types to be used and results calculated Tests Allows a series of questions to be displayed in one go and the results calculated Scenarios Allows you to build complex scenarios using agents and an online catalogue Cursors Allows you to move cursors and other objects around the screen using frames Formatting Objects Each object allows formatting via a format box similar to that used in Word and PowerPoint.

Right clicking the object will allow access to the menu as follows: CourseLab Quick Start Guide 11 The format Colors, size and position options are identical to Microsoft Word. The Display option allows you to decide if an object is to be displayed or called via an Action , shown for a specified time or shown after a period of time.

In addition options are available for the way an object is displayed or erased from the slide.

The Sound tab allows you to bind a sound to an object. Adding questions One of the key components of CourseLab is the ability to setup and use questions. Single choice of answer Multiple choice of answer Place each element in order Enter numbers as answers Match text as answers Match pairs For each question type, drag and drop from the Object menu to the slide. CourseLab Quick Start Guide 13 Question Properties To open the question properties double click the question. The following tabs are available: Question This area is where the question text is entered.

Limitations Limits the number of attempts that can be made to answer a question. Also allows a time limit to be set to any question. CourseLab Quick Start Guide 14 Click to enter the question text — opens the text editor Click to add or remove questions Scoring Allows an objective to be set to hold the score for a question or series of questions Feedback Sets the text and position of the message delivered to the user on answering a question. Can be turned off if required.

CourseLab Quick Start Guide 15 CourseLab Quick Start Guide 16 Display Allows you to change the look and feel of the questions being created. CourseLab Quick Start Guide 17 Messages These are the default feedback messages that will appear on the question text. CourseLab Quick Start Guide 18 Using Actions One of the most powerful elements of CourseLab is the ability to assign actions to objects. For example, when a user clicks on a button, it moves it to another screen, plays a sound or displays a message.

These actions can be accessed by right clicking on any object and selecting Actions from the menu.

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This will open an Actions box as follows: Notice that there are a list of options that can be used to initiate an action on the left of the box. The Actions that can be initiated are on the right. CourseLab Quick Start Guide 19 For example: Notice that indentation is required to allow the logic to work.

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The options for actions are wide and allow Mouse Overs, left and right button clicks and the ability to assign actions to whole slides before they are displayed. The most useful Actions are as follows: Display This Action allows any object to be displayed and hidden. CourseLab Quick Start Guide 20 Goto This allows navigation to another frame or slide. It is useful to allow quick navigation around a module.