Manual O Judas em Sábado de Aleluia (Portuguese Edition)

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Martins Pena - Wikipedia

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Like this: Like Loading Published by portugalupclose. Wonderful post, so informative and so many wonderful videos. Thank you Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you! Means that no one is totally trustful or dependable, even those who have been good to us. This does not mean that stealing is not shameful, but that the utmost shame is to be so envious that you try to have too much.

Both are related to trying things you cannot cope with. Think about the Wizard's Apprentice.

Synonyms of Judas

You should be wary of the one who denounces a crime too. Often quoted only the first part the second is implied suggests that someone is a hypocrite. Related to Jesus' painted sepulchres parable. This a very whimsical saying, that plays on the religious overtones of the words to state a very mundane saying: that you should not take a co-worker for a lover.

Notice that "comer" to eat also has a double meaning: in colloquial slang it means to have sex. Means that everyone will find someone to love, even the ugliest. To buy something that is not worth the price, or is not what it seems. Usually refers to fraudulent goods. This one is probably unknown elsewhere even in other regions of Brazil. Think of a raft made of planks. Think of yourself on a plank at the edge. The phrase means "to be in peril, to be very ill close to death or to be on the brink of bankruptcy".

Something that's so easy that it is not worth doing. To get something that's so easy that it is immoral.

Writers from Rio de Janeiro (city)

People who are looking happy for no apparent reason are said to have seen a green bird. This is a veiled metaphor for finding a new love. A person typically a woman who is both beautiful and dangerous for her ways or for the surrounding problems is a stretch of the evil trail the trail that leads you to hell. This one is considered blatantly racist nowadays and I wonder why it wasn't before , so you shouldn't say it, only know it to recognise you've met a tactless, ignorant or racist person.

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The "colour of sin" referred to is black skin. The phrase was used as a "compliment" to beautiful women of colour. Nowadays you may get a slap on your face if you tell this to a black woman. And I'd give you another one if I could. Means to be sexually aroused. Means to be full with anger, seeking revenge. Means you should be thankful for the gifts you get, even if you think they are not valuable.

To check the teeth of a horse was the only way to estimate its age and health if you didn't have any information on it. If you are so ugly that people can barely stare at you. Means that someone is experienced enough not to be caught in obvious traps.

Means two things: 1 you can win against a tough enemy if you are patient and 2 time destroys even the hardest materials. This is the way we see ourselves. The proverb means that all of us think we know something about something complicated like medicine , but also that all of us are a bit odd In the past the proverb actually meant that every one knew how to prepare some potion, tea, infusion etc.

Pena, Martins 1815-1848

This one means that all men do is generally going after women. Means that you shouldn't worry if some people don't like you. Beans, made like a watery soup, are still a staple food in Brazil. In past times beans were much cheaper than rice, so only the rich would have rice. When a poor family received unexpected guests, they'd pretend they had plenty of food by watering the beans. Saying this today is only a joking way to say that you were not expecting a visit but the guest will not feel offended, he'll just understand this as an excuse for you not being a better host.

He is patron of the 29th chair of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Losing his father when he was 1 year old, and his mother when he was 10, he was delivered to the care of tutors, who ingressed him at the world of commerce. However, seeing that it was not what he wanted, he entered at the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes in , learning Architecture, Statuary , Drawing and Music. Entering at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in , he travelled to many countries, such as England, where he contracted tuberculosis.

Moving to Lisbon in an unsuccessful attempt of mitigating the disease, he dies in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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