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Very soft organza, or silks of pastel tones, can add a new dimension to your pictures.

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Material can be wrapped around your model, used as a veil or encouraged to blow in the wind, when it creates fluidity and movement when combined with slow shutter speeds. Do not take multiple images from the same position. Walk around the model to get different looks. You may vary the height of the camera by standing on ladders or hills.

Lying or kneeling on the ground will also provide a different perspective by making your model look taller.

Fine Art Nude Photography Guide for Beginners

Always be on the look out for new locations. Once you have chosen your spot, check what time of day the light will be best.

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Make sure you select the right model for the location, too. Think about skin tones, for example. Ensure the location is safe for everyone involved in the shoot. Direct the model as much as possible, but make sure that she is comfortable with your ideas. Consider using a hairstylist.

They can make a good image a great one.

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They can also help with make-up. It can be an advantage to have a third person along to arrange materials in a particular way. Flimsy, floaty material slips off easily and a stylist or helper can fix things while you wait to shoot. We can all be inspired by other photographers and artists.

Inspiration can send you off in interesting directions, giving you ideas and pictures in your mind you can work on. However, be known for creating your own style. Material can be wrapped around your model, used as a veil or encouraged to blow in the wind. Trevor uses a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with a 56mm lens, but occasionally uses his X-Pro1 that he has had converted to shoot infrared, which can work well.

She loves the results she gets from both cameras.

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Faye and Trevor use wrist straps with their cameras. A selection of fabrics to use as veils or wraps, or for draping or sitting on, is useful.

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Trevor and Faye also take a dressing gown for the model. Trevor is a fourth-generation photographer who has received many accolades during his career, including fellowships from three major photographic bodies.

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In he received a lifetime achievement award from the industry and was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Faye was a lecturer in hairstyling and make-up before meeting Trevor in the late s. She has become a well-respected photographer and stylist, and the pair has won countless awards for portraiture, classical nude, wedding and avant-garde work. Faye is represented by the Unlimited Grain Gallery of Rotterdam. Lagrange was born in Kinshasa, Congo, in His career path led him from engineering to photography, and his creativity from fashion to art.

Privileging analog over digital, the Antwerp-based Belgian artist searches for intimacy and emotion as opposed to artificial effects. His giant Polaroids — which have been exhibited worldwide — are a powerful example of his craft as well as his attention to detail: he can display the texture of skin, highlight natural curves and make his models stand out.

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Lagrange elaborates entire sets until he finds the exact mood he wishes to convey, with the end goal being to create the images he wants. Throughout his career, Lagrange has photographed the same women over different periods of time, turning them into his muses. Inge Van Bruystegem — a striking model and talented dancer — is one of them.

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Lagrange has been working with her for more than fifteen years, developing a privileged relationship. I had admired the work of Helmut Newton and Edward Weston and still do! After learning the photography basics and becoming bored of the double exposures, I slowly started trying on fine art portraiture and grew to fall deeply in love with it.

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  5. That sigh of relief had finally hit me: I was working towards something I truly loved and believed in. It was simple: portraiture stripped of culture, civilization, or association. And most of the time clothing distracts from that concept and all the feelings that go along with it.

    Nude photography and self-portraiture began to take on a life in my work. When a photographer shoots their subjects in the nude without a sexual motivation whether underlying or not , one has to wonder what IS the meaning behind it? The reason for me goes back to the general concept behind my work: Pure emotion.