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Am I happy I decided to read it? No earth shattering lessons will be learned or bestowed upon me, but I might find myself enjoying a different type of read with some fun romance involved. The manner of speaking in BRR was definitely an adjustment on my part.

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The love Saba feels for Lugh is endearing and what truly dragged me in at the beginning. It was passionate and what drove her to be so stubborn and fierce throughout everything that happens.

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I liked Saba. I loved Jack.

I thought that Saba was a little hard to deal with at times, but overall she had a good heart and would do anything for her family or those she cares about. At some point in the story, and I am pretty sure it was when the Pinches became involved, I got so bored I thought I might cry.

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I give a story a fair shake with or without the romance-the romance just adds something to an already incredible story. Now, on that note, the synopsis did boast an epic love story. So hopefully we get an awesome sequel with tons of peril, otherwise I doubt I will be able to read the third.

Moira's Crossing

Oh-and a shout out to Nero-Probably the best character in the whole story! He was adorable.. Review to come on Monday..

It was good, just not good enough in my opinion. So I shall stew over my thoughts this weekend and write a review come Monday.

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Moira's Vows - Moira and Jason

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. Four years into their new life, a chance meeting with one of their fellow Irish passengers results in marriage for Moira and yet another new life for both women. Despite a reserved nature and ill health, Julia possesses an inner strength on which Moira relies heavily. Through narrative so sensitively crafted that it often seems to flow straight from the minds of her characters, Shea ushers us into the lives of real people whose loves, triumphs and heartbreaks mirror our own.

Moira's Crossing by Shea Christina and Christina Shea (2000, Hardcover)

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