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Crook is mainly using the bill at restaurants. Police identify man wanted for passing counterfeit money.

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Posted: Nov 5, PM. Huntsvile police believe two other people are working with him. Related Content Police identify man wanted for passing counterfeit money Decatur Police seeing increase in counterfeit money Decatur police seek counterfeit money suspects How to spot counterfeit money Man arrested for printing counterfeit money Florence Police arrest man for passing counterfeit check Investigation into counterfeit money leads to arrest Huntsville Police arrest suspect on counterfeit money charges Decatur police need help finding counterfeit money suspects Athens Police arrest third suspect in recent counterfeit money crimes.

Scroll for more content Most Popular Stories. Elkmont woman files wrongful death lawsuit in husband's death. Man, teenage girlfriend indicted on capital murder charges for fatal stabbing in Huntsville. Redstone Arsenal testing new air defense vehicle for the Army. Martin said that has him convinced that the minister of Indian Affairs and the Prime Minister are willing to do whatever it takes to get this bill passed.

Martin, Crook & Bill

We have good reason to believe, judging from what the Prime Minister has said in Cabinet meetings, that he fully supports and is the one directing the First Nations governance act," he said. The whole subject or the whole theme of assimilation has been re-introduced with the First Nations governance act. We believe that the minister is driving this at the direction of the Prime Minister.

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It really does go right up to the PMO. Most of Windspeaker's Ottawa sources agree that the bill must be passed before the summer recess or it's in big trouble. And if we can have it stalled tha long, maybe it'll die a natural death and it'll simply go away. But Martin's card-the filibuster?

When a government member asked the chair to rule that the filibuster was out of order, Ray Bonin said the rules didn't allow it.

But then he said his decision was open to challenge if anyone disagreed. When the chair is challenged, it becomes a simple majority vote. And the government always ensures it has a majority in standing committees. The challenge opened the door for the Liberals, who are now accused of playing fast and loose with procedure, to vote to overturn the chair's decision that there was no rule that would allow him to stop the filibuster.

And that made the filibuster go away. Tempers flared when the opposition members saw what was happening.

The minister himself has taken punitive action against our peoples and governments for not supporting his new Indian Act. And they claim they can lecture First Nations about openness and accountability?

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Warren Allmand, a former Liberal minister of Indian Affairs who spent 31 yearsin Parliament, told Windspeaker the Liberal chairman of the standing committee pulled a bit of a fast one to stop the filibuster. Bonin, to stop it. He said there was no rule that would allow him to stop it.

Then he said, 'You can appeal my ruling. It doesn't mean that they could stop it," Allmand said. But the Speaker never interferes with the procedure in a committee. Allmand agreed with First Nation leaders who say the government tactics are a sure sign that the standing committee hearings were for show only.


They asked to hear the views of people and the committee went across the country and they're not incorporating the views," he said. But I have to tell you that I've seen this done by both parties with majorities over the years. He said there were two precedents in Canada's history where similar moves were made by committee chairmen-in when debate was limited on an act to implement the goods and services tax, which was based on a case that occurred in the standing committee on Justice and Legal Affairs in , where the chair had made an identical ruling in similar circumstances.

We have operated for some years without closure in committee and I would hesitate to support starting to do that now," he said. By hook or by crook --The Liberals are determined to have their way. Article Origin Windspeaker Publication. Volume