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Le Journal, 3. The article refers mostly to semantic disagreement between words. Based on selected examples from publicistic style, the most frequent cases of semantic restrictions between components of a word combination are analyzed determined and determinative.

It deals with some unacceptable combinations, most often, between noun and adjective, between verb and noun. It also highlights the cases of improper substitution of words with their synonyms. The phraseological units with a somatic lexeme comprise a big amount of linguistic evidence for studying the spiritual culture in different languages.

The study was performed following the semantic criteria suggested by the American professor G. Lakoff, the Romanian researcher N. Anghelescu and also by the famous Polish linguist A. The results of the investigation are reflected in tables contained in the paper. Different conditions of evolution determine the specific of language used in the Romanian space.

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Thus, while the Bessarabia was under the massive influence of Russian language, the changes occurring in language bore the mark of several degrading processes for her oral and written substance. These changes carried greater significance in what concerns the oral aspect. In this article we reveal some differentiating aspects of the language spoken in Bessarabia, consequences of the long Russian presence in the region, as well as some reflections, conclusions on the topic. For the type division of the parts of sentence, the semantic factor is definite, because it conceives the research from contents to structures, and this is based on their communication relations aspect and a natural logic for indentifying the meaning correlation as a basis of predicative indicators.

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Moreover, the sentence types, divided onto semantic principle, are numerous and various. This fact is due to the leopardian poetry sense complexity, as well as to the lack of familiar with Italian language translators and of formation italienists. The author achieves a comparison between the poetry and poetic art of Lucian Blaga, as well as in the case of Grigore Vieru. The influence of Blaga is analyzed at stylistic as well as at the visionary levels. Grigore Vieru descends in the underground area of the human spirit, giving an expression to the abyssal, a term on which Blaga meditates in his philosophical masterpiece especially in The Trilogy of culture.

The lyrical and philosophical speech is combined in an organic way, forming the lyrosophy. This article highlights the spiritual evolution steps of Lucian Blaga and demonstrates the importance of the first period of activity of the Romanian thinker - the period between and This time frame constitutes the beginning of his philosophical activity and it is especially significant to understand the genesis of his ideas, of his influences, the continuity of the philosophical themes and reflections that culminated with the elaboration of a profound philosophical system. Analysis is done over the central philosophical ideas, the meditation themes from the works written and published by Lucian Blaga between and the analysis and appreciation of the ideas of the French philosopher Henri Bergson, the correlation between philosophy and science, the specific input of philosophy in the formation of the world conception on personality, the extremely important role of the research methods in ensuring the availability of truth in the knowledge process, the unity of culture forms, etc.

The article deals with the peculiarities of culture and religion in the interpretation of religious studies. The author considered the role of the religious factor in the process of formation of the ethno-religious genesis.

Leonard Chodźko (1800-1871)

Established are the provisions of the indivisibility of religious and socio-cultural factors in the functioning of national communities. The author argues that the ignoring of cultural and religious components in the process of understanding the phenomenon of national identity makes it impossible to imagine the entire idea of nations.

It is proven that Judaism is the main criterion for identification of the Jew with the Jewish community in the terms of Orthodox Judaism. In this context, the concept of Jew and Judaism are synonymous. Therefore is trying a reveals information within Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire to establish the true interests and diplomatic backstage games that took place during this period and the position of various officials, concerning one issue or another, as a result from the position which took Romania, references which can be removed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs documents, but mainly from daily journal of this institution.

All three major wars attended Romania after forging modern nation state were carried coalition wars with or against the biggest powers of the world at that time. As a result, military conventions that initiated or which joined Romania had a defensive character, consistent with the principles of foreign policy and the international provisions. But, in the international arena, Romania was gradually isolated, especially after the division of spheres of interest in Eastern Europe between Germany and the Soviet Union.

Since June , Romania has not targeted goals annexation of the occupied territories which do not belong. Defining Eastern Central European space known by periods, schools, political affinity, ethnicity, religion or cultural identities, multiple variations. But especially now, at the beginning of the new millennium, the defining issue - redefining spaces with European predilection!

Can be an extremely useful exercise for understanding the mechanisms that played a decisive role, they imposed models or, conversely, marked differences de- history. The social and political situation in MASSR in when a company was held to find the class enemy during starvation us considered in this article. The author notes that the authorities, in such a way, tried to shift their responsibility for all the mistakes in socialist construction.

The article targeting the production, marketing and consumption of alcoholic drinks in the cities from Rzeczpospolita beer, vodka, mead and from Moldova wine, spirits, beer, braga in the XVI-XVII c.

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It have been investigated the mode of production, sell and taxes at which were subjected the alcoholic drinks in the cities on that territory. Production of alcoholic drinks brought substantial revenues to the economy of the cities from the indicated area.

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Religious text constitutes the base of the writing culture in Romanian. Depending on the type of the work, religious texts published in the XIX century contribute to the discovery of some unprecedented lexico-syntactical peculiarities. The editions of religious books from that period can represent reprintings, adaptations, translations, but each of them is part of a specific thematic and stylistic area.

Their language is characterized by terminological loans, adaptations, and interferences. The evaluation of this heritage enlarges and deepens the information referring to the stylistics of the religious texts and the religious discourse. Religious text was, in the history of Romanian language, a model of writing and for texts from other stylistic registers, but, after the eighteenth, the church style become complementary to the secular, differing more than it's at all levels.

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  4. Research of prints executed in a Romanian space broken from the national territories - in Exarchal Typography from Chisinau in nineteenth century, under the political and linguistic pressure of new Russian masters - can provide valuable data that characterize the language used in this era in celebration of religious services in Bessarabia. The lingvistic particularities of religious texts represent the subject of numerous studies of specialty which contain a detailed description, in the diachronic, syncronic plan of a variety of phenomena. The oscillation between tradition and innovation is a inherent trait of the texts in question.

    Different typology studies elucidate issues related of the linguistic universals, some of them points the functional-semantic categories as the modality, aspect or temporality, which denotes a universal feature. Ocurring in the process of language development, they underlay its structures, providing its functioning. The modality, aimed at revealing the attitude of the speaker toward the extra-lingvistic reality and toward the content of the message, has to be analysed multilaterally, within a typological framework.

    The mentioned category is difficult tom define, if we consider only its rendering means in a single idiom. This aspect requests the combination of intra- and inter-linguistic approaches, peculiarly when the modal significances are delimited. We will examine in this paper some of the typological aspects of modality, relates to its definition and classification.

    The research methodology chosen for studying the somatic phraseological units is that of the conceptual metaphor classification introduced by the famous professor G. Simulation is a phenomenon based on the reflection of the opposition between the real world and the imaginary, and simulated behavior assumed by the individual in a particular situation is determined by certain intentions thereof: creating a false impression about a reality, misleading the person concerned to get some material and social privileges, to impress or amuse someone.

    Simulating such situations is achieved through several types of behavior: hypocritical, affected flattering, fun, each having the addressee and its actual purpose. Complex and unequal, the artistic creation of Leonida Lari meets the features of a synthetic expressionism, resulted from the symbiosis of a native expressionist attitude which had reverberated the civic nuances of her lyric and of an expressionism adopted at the level of vision and style.

    The transcending vocation, the tendency of reality mythicization, the obsession of returning to archaic, the destructiveness and Dionysian character of feelings are elements that places the creation of Bessarabian poetess in the descent of Blagian metaphysical expressionism, while apocalyptic landscapes with grotesque accents, anguishing visions, alienation feeling, stridency of landscapes approach her poetry to the Bacovian pessimistic expressionism.