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The sense of anticipation builds to the point of becoming a knot in the stomach. The trip also allows her to put a little distance between herself and her husband, with whom she has recently been fighting more than is normal or healthy. Petra Delicado Saga. A psychiatrist from La Sorbonne, specialised in criminal minds, travels to Barcelona in to study the case of Teresa Pla Meseguer, a woman accused of twenty-nine deaths, known as La Pastora the shepherdess.

She is the resistance fighter most wanted by the Civil Guard, and has become a popular legend because she remains free. A Barcelona journalist seems to possess key information regarding this person.

A memorable, fast-paced story that rediscovers an episode from our past, narrated with the skill of a master storyteller. A friar and art expert from the Poblet monastery is murdered while working on the restoration of an incorrupt body exhibited in the chapel of a Barcelona convent, which has disappeared. Inspector Petra Delicado is forced to visit a shopping centre. In a careless moment, someone steals her purse.

She looks up and sees a little girl running away. Petra gives chase, but before she can catch her, the girl throws down the bag and escapes. Petra searches through her belongings, and everything is in its place: her money, documents The inspector panics. Why would a girl barely ten years old want a gun? The peaceful coexistence in a small community of Spanish engineers working abroad crumbles when an affair comes to light between one of the men and the wife of another.

A masterfully narrated story dealing with an eternally relevant topic: relationships between couples and how they evolve, are transformed and die It appears to be just another crime committed by skinhead gangs. They begin to unravel a surprising plot with unforeseeable implications. Sara is a force of nature. Fierce, beautiful, spontaneous, she lives away from ideals and justifications. She acts. She is the most chaotic creature in all of creation, and the freest, as she explores the limits of the blossoming freedom of The same friends who shared her younger years did everything in their power to get her to adjust to an orthodox, bourgeois life with the passage of time, to settle down, become a wife and mother.

But something went wrongā€¦they achieved their goal. The body of a young lawyer, partner in a prestigious law firm, is found floating in the pool in an upscale housing estate.

This shocks his wife and the other two couples of friends who shared nearly everything with them in this privileged setting. A detested television journalist specializing in muckraking has been murdered. Inspector Petra Delicado and her sentimental sidekick Garzn are thrown into the ruthless world of show business, high society, and belligerent celebrities, where public and private lives meet in an explosive and deadly mix.

In this new installment in the Petra Delicado series, Alicia Gimnez-Bartlett proves once more why she was recently named best female writer in Spain, and gives further evidence for the success of this series both in her native country and abroad. Someone mails Inspector Petra Delicado a series of packages with very peculiar contents: amputated penises.

The grim packages are not the product of a disturbed mind or deranged pervert, but something of much more alarming proportions.

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However Nelly Boxall also fought for the same goal. For almost twenty years, Nelly worked as a cook and maid in the home of the Woolfs. From to , as well as cooking for Virginia Woolf and her husband, she prepared teas and dinners for members of the Bloomsbury group and other friends of the Woolfs.

And, from here, she explores the extreme difficulties that arise when reconciling the defence of the right of women to have their own space with the conditions of domestic service itself, attempting to reconcile intellectual progress with social reality. In this hardboiled fiction for dog lovers and lovers of dog mysteries, detective Petra Delicado and her maladroit sidekick, Garzon, investigate the murder of a tramp whose only friend is a mongrel dog named "Fright. Fermin Garzon prove to be one of the more engaging sleuth teams to debut in a long time. Fermin Garzon, shows why.

Detective Petra Delicado's marriage is on the rocks.

Ɓlvaro Mutis: Agencia Literaria Carmen Balcells

Her colleagues are more impossibly sexist than ever. And she thirsts for new challenges, new faces, and new ways of keeping the spark inside of her alive. Tough, sexy, and self-assured, Petra Delicado is a new kind of cop in Spanish crime writing. The two women like to consider each other friends. The reality of the situation, however, is not so easy.

And in that confusing playing field without rules, a dangerous dialogue based on self-affirmation begins to take shape, with spite and aggressiveness, as they tense up for a compulsive game that can only end in violence or resignation. Truckers pass by towns and cities while their inhabitants work or sleep. Their world, however, populated by easy women, weather-beaten men and bar owners, is terribly harsh. In this atmosphere, rough love stories are forged, made of sordidness and sentiment, passions in which sex is grasped like a handle to flee from solitude.

Awaken from your lethargy and conformity. Come with us: at FLAC, we do not accept death. We do not allow ourselves to become marginalised. We refuse to consider ourselves redundant in a neurotic, idiotised society, where there is less and less space for us. But enough words.

FLAC is action. Old, yes, but no way are we stupid. Catalina, a solitary professor, and Adelaida, a sensual woman, decide to spend a whole year travelling around Europe. They both become involved in a series of interwoven and unexpected events, while also seeking a solution or answer to their existential expectations.

Sex, irony and imagination are the three main components of this novel, populated by impossible fauna.