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And if we fail, do we give up all hope, or do we accept his forgiveness and seek restoration? Judas was a common name in first-century Judaism meaning "praise the Lord. This means Judas was the only one of the twelve not from Galilee.

Of the Synoptic Gospels , Mark's reveals the least about Judas, attributing his actions to no particular motive. Judas is simply the one who handed Jesus over to the chief priests. Matthew's account gives more detail and paints Judas as an unscrupulous man. Luke goes even further, saying that Satan entered into Judas. One of Jesus' original 12 disciples , Judas Iscariot traveled with Jesus and studied under him for three years. Like the other 11 disciples, Judas was called and sent by Jesus to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God , cast out demons , and heal the sick.

Judas felt remorse after he betrayed Jesus. He returned the 30 pieces of silver the chief priests and elders had given him:. Judas was a thief. As treasurer, he was in charge of the group's money bag and sometimes stole from it. He was disloyal. Even though the other apostles deserted Jesus and Peter denied him , Judas went so far as to lead the temple guard to Jesus at Gethsemane , and then identified Jesus by kissing him:. Judas turned traitor, selling the Lord to the high priests for thirty pieces of silver, the going rate for a slave in ancient times Exodus Some would say Judas Iscariot made the greatest error in history.

Profile and Biography of Judas Iscariot

An outward show of loyalty to Jesus is meaningless unless we also follow Christ in our heart. Satan and the world will try to get us to betray Jesus, so we must ask the Holy Spirit for help in resisting them. A powerful, moving, and vitally important piece of theatre' BroadwayWorld. Tweets by smokescreenprod smokescreenprod.

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    Report abuse. Joey B days ago Serious thought provoking drama. Fringe Supporter days ago Thought provoking,intense,with plenty of dramatic twists and turns. Gordon Barron days ago Judas draws you in from the word go.

    Profile and Biography of Judas Iscariot

    Despite being intimately related to such a worthy cause, it still has to be seen as a play in its own right and reflected upon as a theatrical work. As might be expected, They provided the armed guard that he brought to the Garden of Gethsemane, near Jerusalem, where Jesus went to pray with the other 11 Apostles after the Last Supper. According to Matt. Apocryphal gospels developed the point in Acts that calls the spot of his death the place field of blood.

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    His account appears in numerous legends , particularly in Coptic works, and in medieval literature. Although his name subsequently became associated with traitor a Judas and treacherous kiss a Judas kiss , not all depictions of Judas portrayed him as betraying Jesus. In Muslim polemic literature, Judas ceases to be a traitor; instead, he supposedly lied to the Jews in order to defend Jesus who was not crucified.

    The 2nd-century apocryphal Gospel of Judas , a Gnostic text written in Greek, depicts him as a collaborator and close confidant of Jesus. According to the gospel—a Coptic translation from c. In the account of the gospel, during the celebration of Passover , Jesus takes Judas aside and reveals secret knowledge about God and creation to him, declaring that Judas is greater than the other apostles.

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