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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Dead Man Walking. In Stock. The Fatal Shore. The Gulag Archipelago Papillon Harper Perennial Modern Classics. Crime and Justice A Guide to Criminology.

Australia's Toughest Prisons Inmates. The Outlaw and the Hitman.

SS concentration camp system

The Prison Doctor. Now 57, Moskowitz was deeply moved years ago by his relationship with the controversial founder of the Jewish Defense League, Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Moskowitz attended a JDL training camp as a young man and was transformed. I was able to defend myself. On the streets of Berkeley, where Cobert first worked as an officer in , he would run into activists, including Copwatch , a group that monitors police misconduct and brutality. I realized we could solve some problems this way.

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In part, Cobert thinks his Jewish upbringing is what taught him to approach situations like this, looking for a multiplicity of viewpoints. Like others, Harris says family stories passed down about Jewish persecution informed his sense of justice and morality. When Mayor Bill de Blasio began speaking, Harris was surprised to see hundreds of New York police officers turn their backs in protest.

Israel police end protest by ultra-Orthodox Jews

I am in solidarity with my brothers in blue, even though we worship differently. I would die for them in a heartbeat.

Jewish Badge: During the Nazi Era | The Holocaust Encyclopedia

Sam Kestenbaum is a contributing editor and former staff writer for the Forward. Contact him at kestenbaum forward. The campaign sparked conversations amongst dozens of school administrators in Orthodox yeshivot to create written and explicit LGBTQ inclusion policies for their students. In , Footsteps' membership surpassed 1, and they served individuals on their journeys from ultra-Orthodox enclaves.

With two licensed social workers, Footsteps conducted 1, "one-to-one" meetings with members. In the summer of , Habonim Dror North America educated and empowered 1, campers, over staff members at 6 Habonim Dror camps throughout North America, and teen summer programs in Israel and Michigan.

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Participants are tackling issues like immigration, gun violence, and money bail. ISJL significantly expanded 3 of its four main programs in Our Reading Family, an all-family literacy series, has grown from one to two sites. J Teen Leadership convened Westchester-wide J-Serve, the International Day of Jewish service, in partnership with 12 organizations and 85 teen volunteers.

In , the JCRC launched Hours Against Hate, program that urges people to pledge time to people who look, live, love and pray differently than they do.

Jews in Blue

It is taking root throughout Milwaukee, creating a shared platform for transcending division and healing the world through human relationship. JCRC's positions are formed based on consensus and civility, creating a broad tent for community diversity. Louis worked with the various congregations to coordinate a four week summer camp for New American children. Over volunteers engaged 45 children to have fun, learn new language and skills, and engage with what it means to be an American.

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The camp freed up their parents to study English and establish themselves in St. We have taken stands to support safe immigration through our Latino-Jewish Forum. We educate about our pluralistic identity and lift our voices in action to repair our world. We strive to graduate students who are prepared to live and lead in a diverse and complex world.

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To that end we have a robust Student Advisory Board that plans programming to end bias on campus; offer courses on identity, power and marginalization; and ongoing professional development towards greater equity. The Jewish Multiracial Network is transforming engagement of Jews of Color and Jewish multiracial families through community building, resource development, and leveraging of new technologies, including maximizing social media to engage to 20, individuals daily on issues of Jewish diversity. A highlight of JWA's work was beginning their Archiving MeToo project, the goal of which is to ensure that the breadth of Jewish voices and experiences is captured and preserved during this watershed moment.

JWFNY is a strong supporter of workplace policies that enable women to succeed, and is a lead advocate for paid family leave. In addition, the Foundation works collaboratively to raise public awareness of sex trafficking and enact anti-trafficking laws. JWW works to end genocide and mass atrocities worldwide by educating and mobilizing individuals, advocating for policy changes and funding projects to support and build resilience in conflict-affected communities. Kavod also brought their antiracism curriculum to four Boston-area Jewish communities, continued their involvement in local anti-policing and sanctuary initiatives, and helped launch a faith network focused on building wealth in communities of color with their local partner the Boston Ujima Project.

The Center aims to engage participants within and outside of our walls to become more effective civic actors through education, engagement and advocacy. The Center is working in partnership with the JCC's other centers of excellence to infuse the entire institution with the values of social responsibility. At this time of cultural upheaval and polarization, Moving Traditions emboldens pre-teens and teens by fostering self-discovery, challenging sexism, and forming connections to Jewish life, and we do so in partnership with hundreds of synagogues, JCCs, camps, and other Jewish institutions.

Our Kol Koleinu Fellowship for feminist teens of all genders, piloted in and offered in partnership with NFTY and USY, provides older teens with the opportunity to learn and to teach each other about Jewish feminism and social change, and to advance their leadership through social justice activism on issues of gender and sexuality.