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Many historians believe traditional vampire lore arose from a simple misunderstanding of certain medical conditions like porphyria. I took this notion, expanded upon it and a rare, symbiotic virus capable of producing the characteristics vampires and immortals have in common was born. Physiology also enabled me to explain the difference between immortals and vampires. I'm a big fan of fiction that pits good against bad or evil, but wanted the evil vampires in my series to be different.

I didn't want them to choose to be bad. I wanted them to become so against their will. So the detrimental effect the virus has on human brains enabled me to produce villains that may not be so easy to hate despite their vile actions. Q: Initially Sarah is introduced as something of a homebody who likes her peace and quiet, but once she's cornered she displays a definite kick butt attitude - was her character easy for you to envision? A: It really was. Creative writing professors always advise their students to write what you know.

I'm a homebody myself and place a high value on peace and quiet, both when I'm writing and when I'm relaxing. So that part of her character was very easy for me to write. As for the kick-butt attitude I tried to imagine how I would react in Sarah's position. Would someone with Sarah's background face down vampires and minions, kill when cornered, then roar in triumph? I don't think so. She'd do what had to be done, then reaction would set in and her very human vulnerability would surface.

It's one of the things I like most about her character. She very quickly assimilates into a very violent world.

Death of Darkness (Immortal Guardians, book 9) by Dianne Duvall

And while she does so admirably, in my opinion, she is never unaffected by the violence itself or the part she must play in it. Q: Roland on the other hand, is constantly being accused of being an introvert who purposely distances himself from others, including his fellow immortals - do you think this trait makes him a better match for Sarah? A: I do think this makes him a better match for Sarah.

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A popular saying we've probably all heard is 'Opposites attract. Both Roland and Sarah are quiet and introspective. But Roland's reclusive, wary nature sparks Sarah's curiosity so much it lures her out of her shell. And Sarah's teasing disposition proves irresistible to Roland and charms him out of his.

Friendship quickly blooms, then transforms into love. Q: You've introduced Seth as the leader of Immortals - when is his story coming up and will it involve the mysterious Ami? A: Seth will definitely get his own story, but other immortals will get theirs first. Seth has, after all, spent millennia putting the needs of immortals and gifted ones before his own. It's a hard habit for him to break and will take a unique woman to help him do it. As for Ami Seth's relationship with her will become clear in Night Reigns , the second book in the series.

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  8. Q: Ami's rescue hints that there may be other enemies besides vampires that the Immortals must contend with - true or false, and can you elaborate? A: True. In Darkness Dawns , Bastien sets into motion the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill. His actions in raising the vampire army and enlisting the help of biochemist Dr. Montrose Keegan will set off a chain of events that will produce enemies that will threaten the Immortal Guardians' existence. Readers will get a glimpse of this - and how it all relates to those from whom Ami was rescued - in Night Reigns.

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    Q: Marcus seems the clear contender to star in your next book - yes or no, and when can fans expect book two? A: Yes. Marcus is the hero in Night Reigns , which will release on December 6, In it, Marcus still mourns the loss of Bethany, the woman he loved for eight centuries. When his actions become reckless enough to spawn concern even in Roland , Seth assigns him a new Second This organic thing goes on and on and on, and it became a huge distraction for me.

    We even learn that Roland uses environmentally friendly dish soap and bubble bath, for heaven's sake! I don't know about you, but I don't read paranormal romance for environmental tips. Duvall also has problems with character development. The good guys and gals are almost too "good.

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    Although we keep hearing from the supporting characters that Roland has a reputation for being rude, morose, and stand-offish, we never ever see that side of him, so it doesn't seem real. Instead he comes across as a kind, gentle, too-good-to-be-true environmentalist. Depth of character cannot be established solely through comments from bystanders. Characters have to demonstrate their personality traits through their own words, thoughts, and actions as they work their way though the conflict set up in the plot. Unfortunately, this does not happen in Darkness Dawns. Sara is another character who is nearly flawless—and totally one-dimensional.

    She probably should have been a personal trainer instead. Well, she does faint once—when she first believes that Roland is a vampire, but that's over in a flash. Then, bam! Her dreaming ability becomes a life-changing talent. I don't think so. For me, the most enjoyable character is Nietzsche, Roland's year-old vampire cat, who takes on raccoons and opossums twice his size.

    He has more depth than some of the humanoid characters. The second book picks up a year and a half after book 1 and tells the romantic story of the Immortal Guardian Marcus Grayden and Amiriska Ami , a mysterious woman who has superhuman strength and miraculous healing powers, but who is not a gifted one.

    lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/locator/1038-cell-sms-tracking.php As the story opens, Seth assigns Ami to be Marcus' second, his human back-up. From the beginning, I had to wonder how Ami could have been living for a year and a half with Seth, David, and Darnell without ever coming in contact with any of the other Guardians. When Seth brings Ami to Marcus' house, he has no idea who she is or that Seth has known her for so long.

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    How could this happen in the close-knit Guardian community? Ami proves to be not only a great second, but a great lover when Marcus eventually gives in and makes a move. Unfortunately, Ami has an extremely tragic history, which she doesn't reveal to either Marcus or the reader until very late in the book. And now for the bad guys: The first set of villains are the blood-thirsty vampires under the command of Dennis, a crazy vamp who wants to be king of the world.

    The second set of villains, who show up late in the story, are far more mysterious, and I can't tell you much about them without revealing Ami's big secret.

    Let's just say that when Ami tells Marcus, "I'm not from around here" p. This book has some of the same problems as book 1, but they aren't as severe. We still have LOTS of eco-friendly moments. When Ami packs Marcus a lunch to take along on his vamp-hunting missions, she always includes a healthy, all-organic sandwich and some environmentally friendly, scentless wipes along with the requisite chilled bag of blood.

    And there's another cat-food-can recycling scene and another cat. A gratuitous justification paragraph p.

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    Apparently, their bodies waste energy healing them from these diseases, thus causing them to consume more blood, which puts a strain on their human blood donors. To me, this whole concept is kind of silly.