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Chrome On the Control button top right of browser , select Settings from dropdown. Originally, ethnic Germans, Ukrainians, and Poles were employed to provide much-needed ammunition for the German army. By , however, major labour shortages in the Reich led those running the camp increasingly to integrate Jewish slave labour. The number of Jewish workers grew rapidly, and in August the factory officially became a labour camp in order to cope with the influx.

Assignment to Skarzysko-Kamienna was almost always a slow path to death, as labourers worked in extremely harsh conditions. As one of the Jewish survivors explained, he.

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Such were the miseries of the camp that several songs were created warning workers away from it. One began: 'Werk C — the worst of all!

Thousands have already found their deaths here. The frequent selections, for example, often had musical accompaniment. On one occasion, having shot a group of sickly prisoners in a nearby forest, some guards ordered those who had been selected as grave diggers to grab a body and dance around the pit they had dug, while singing in Yiddish.

When a signal was given, they were all made to throw the bodies into the pit in unison.

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Such perverted scenes were part of daily life at the camp. It is written by a survivor determined not only to detail the deeds of her tormentors but also to remember her fellow inmates. The future of Holocaust studies may lie in works like this--narrow in scope but broad in its implications. Recommended for all public and college libraries.

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Thorough bibliography and index. All levels.

Ezergailis Ithaca College. This item was reviewed in:. To find out how to look for other reviews, please see our guides to finding book reviews in the Sciences or Social Sciences and Humanities. Main Description. Death Comes in Yellow" presents the history of one slave labor camp in order to shed light on all aspects of the slave labor camps established in Poland under German occupation.


Hasag-Skarzysko was one of hundreds of camps scattered throughout occupied Poland. They were distinguished by size, the nationality of the prisoners, their location, the date of their establishment, and the authority in charge.

The large number of labor camps reflected the German policy of exploiting the work forces of the occupied countries. These camps were part of a Europe-wide system of forced labor. The first part of this volume reviews the external history of the camp. The second section, which studies the internal workings of the camp, is quite different in approach and includes an analysis of prisoner society and a moving description of the individual prisoner's struggle to survive.

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