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I made it out just as another bolt of whatever spell had knocked out Bill hit the door.

I feel like my brain has been in a centrifuge. I hope you brought backup, sweetheart. Only then, a real vampire had shown up, and it had gone from being a cool game where the bigger kids included him to a life-or-death situation.


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It could have been someone like Cyrus, out to find a kid to feed off, or torture to death. But it had been Nate, out to scare the hell out of stupid kids who thought it would be cool to hunt for vampires. Now, to repay that, Ziggy was going to return Nate to his sire? Jacob had made it seem like common sense. Something inside Ziggy had ached to comfort his sire, to do the right thing.

So why are you still selling him out? Ziggy forced the voice away. His conscience had never worked before, so why the hell did it think he needed it now? He was saving him. Nate was here. What the hell would happen? Would he be glad to see him? Would he still be ashamed? Jesus, was he just coming to pass judgment again? Nate would still love him. He still did. Or standing in front of a person who was supposed to be dead.

While you died.

Chapter Two: Unhappy Returns

I know. He was going to let you die. And he hated that he was right. It helped him overcome some of his guilt at tricking him like this. No way in hell was he going to hit Nate. Not now. Stay strong. Ziggy cleared his throat.

Chapter Four: Double Cross

To our sire. It was a low blow. Why would you agree to that? It was a mistranslation. He needs someone else. Why did it sound so implausible now? Ziggy looked up, signaled to the tops of the buildings on either side. They waited up there, hungry and mindless. You did a good job raising me. Why, exactly, am I a vampire now? A steady diet of vamp blood did that to a human. Made them dangerous, addicted and loyal. Twenty of them dropped from the rooftops, landing on their feet, ready to fight rather than howling in pain with broken legs.

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I scanned the street frantically for the sight of the van. It was parked in the shadows, across from a building I knew too well.

I see it. Club Cite was a squat brick building with a peeling coat of black paint. All the goth kids and wannabe vampires hung out there. And the place Nathan had first met Ziggy. I pulled the car up to the curb and hurtled out before it was fully in Park. The people closing in on them were not vampires.

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I could tell by the smell of their blood. Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery.

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Your Bag. Your bag is currently empty. Order total:. Look inside. Published: July ISBN: Even if it means losing my life. I've got plenty of power on my side, and some I didn't know I could count on in the first place. But it's nothing compared to the army of the undead the Soul Eater is building up. And time is running out. They say that good always triumphs over evil. I hope that's true.

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Because the odds aren't in our favor, and the fate of the world is in our hands.