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Loved it. Could not put down. Create Widget. Published: Jan. About Lee Killough. Learn more about Lee Killough. Vampire Detective Garreth Mikaelian thought he had his existence all arranged.

Lee Killough

He is comfortably settled in a town where, his nature unknown to those around him, he works the night shift as a police officer. At first glance, the small mountain settlement of Senior Constable Tess Fuller and Two years ago Garreth Mikaelian was turned into a vampire by the seductive Lane Barber. He tracked her to a small Kansas town and when she tried to kill him, killed her. He thought. But a call comes from his Hunter's Moon.

Kitty Irish has heard all the rumors swirling around Daniel Phinney. Most of them involve Most of them involve a gun, a flask, and a temper. One chance encounter with the WWII veteran over a grisly find in the woods pulls the cover off Killer Karma. Inspector Cole Dunavan finds himself in the middle of a parking garage with no memory Inspector Cole Dunavan finds himself in the middle of a parking garage with no memory except of his murder.

After remembering who he is and accepting that he is now a ghost, he has more problems. He is a ghost Spider Play. In a bitter winter, the mystery of why someone would hijack a hearse in In a bitter winter, the mystery of why someone would hijack a hearse in a snowstorm leads detectives Janna Brill and Mama Maxwell first to evidence of smuggling and then to a space station with secrets. Hundreds of miles The Doppelganger Gambit. It looks like straightforward suicide to Detective Janna Brill. Starship outfitter Andy Kellener locked himself Starship outfitter Andy Kellener locked himself in his office after hours and took a fatal drug dose.

Revealing that real vampires are not immortal, do not have fangs or sleep in coffins, and have no fear of sunlight or crucifixes, the examination dispels many myths but also confirms the truth behind several traits of real vampires, such as the insatiable thirst for blood and the dream of an eternal soul. Sacred Hunger , by Michelle Belanger. Enjoy all of Michelle Belanger's major essays on the fascinating topic of vampires, collected for the first time in one volume. Find out why author Bram Stoker wrote about vampires.

Learn about the history and development of the modern vampire community. Explore the allure of the vampire in modern culture, and meet members of the vampire underground who have made this potent archetype a fundamental part of their lives. Something got into the author's blood. I don't know what. Good thing he didn't name names. Hort, David O'Neal Editor.

The author uses "psychic vampires" figuratively as a term for those who are controlling, manipulative, power-seekers, and discusses how they operate and how to avoid falling into their games. Doesn't actually deal with "psi-vampires". Explores the vampire in legend, fiction and nonfiction. Gordon Melton. A-Z style entries of a huge variety of information on many facets of vampires and vampirism. Just get the thing. I'm sure you'll find it informative, useful and entertaining. Vampire Encyclopedia, The , by Matthew E.

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An account of the Kentucky "Vampire Cult" Killings. Vampire Nation , by Arlene Russo. Arlene Russo, the UK's foremost vampire expert, has interviewed dozens of real life vampires for this blood-curdling tome. She reveals the strange rituals and rites of vampire lore and the grisly truth behind genuine vampire killings.

Vampire Nation teams with toe-curling true tales of how vampire culture is taking the country by storm. The Vampire Ritual Book contains rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage written specifically for the modern vampire community. Explore vampire-themed seasonal rites, marriage ceremonies, and personal rituals within this tome.

The book also includes a number of vampire-specific rituals, such as the promising of a donor, rites for founding new houses, and initiation ceremonies to bring a new vampire into the community. Not a bad book. Entertaining to read. A scholarly and fascinating study of how science-ignorant peasantry came to view the normal processes of decay and decomposition as being signs that a dead body was actually in an "undead", vampiric state.

I highly recommend this. A collection of writings, thoughts, musings and more from members of the vampire community. Sanguinarius has a chapter she contributed to this book. Vampires: The Occult Truth , by Konstantinos. Konstantinos' somewhat controversial book about psychic vampirism.

Vampires are not just the stuff of folklore and fiction. This book explores the modern world of vampirism in all its variety. Is vampirism a religion? Is it a fantasy?

Is it a medical condition? Is it a little bit of each? Gordon Melton Compiler. A comprehensive guide to vampire movies and films with ratings and reviews. From the shadowy coffin of Dracula to the high school hero Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the love story of Edward and Bella of Twilight fame, vampires have fascinated humans for centuries.

The Wesier Field Guide to Vampires provides a handbook not only to mythical and historical legends, but also to the modern vampire, their community, and the science behind modern vampire feeding. Learn how to recognize a true vampire, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to tell if you are a vampire. Includes a glossary of who's who in the vampire world, and top vampire terms. Awakening, The , by John Russo.

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Benjamin Latham awakens after years and has to adjust to a 20th century world. Blood Games , by Lee Killough.

The third in the series. Wow, Killough wrote another one, and I didn't know about it! Garreth Mikaelian is on the trail of an albino psycho who may be a vampire, who killed his partner and his lover. Blood Hunt , by Lee Killough.

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While investigatng a murder, homicide cop Garreth Mikaelian corners the murderess, who happens to be a vampire, in an alley and inadavertently gets turned into a vampire. Now he will search for her who did it to him in vengeance. Bloodlinks , by Lee Killough.

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The sequel to Blood Hunt. New mysteries, new questions, new problems, and new leads. Garreth continues his investigation, while others investigate him. Bloodthirst Star Trek 37 , by J. A class one medical emergency summons the Enterprise to Tanis, a Federation outpost, to find two of the lab researchers dead, and one survivor with a thirst for blood. Empire of Fear, The , by Brian Stableford. An alternative-history vampire novel ranging from Elizabethan England to the darkest, deepest parts of uncharted Africa, and beyond, in search of the origins of vampires.

This is one of the most engrossing vampire novels I have read and I have read a multitude of them. Fevre Dream , by George R. Take a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi with vampires during the height of the riverboat era. This is one of the lesser known classics of the genre. Gifts of Blood , by Susan Petrey. A collection of stories about a tribe of vampires on the Russian steppes trying to make their way in the world.

Hunger, The , by Whitley Streiber.