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It depends on the mass of the object and its velocity — the more massive it is, or the faster it moves, the more kinetic energy it has. In the case of the Armageddon asteroid, the two halves got their kinetic energy from the bomb, so by calculating the kinetic energy of each piece you can find the explosive yield of the bomb. I did that.

I made a lot of assumptions in my math, but it turns out what I calculated was a lower limit — all I found was their energy of motion. The efficiency would have been low, in reality. So in fact the bomb would have needed to be far more energetic than even the Sun to do what it did in the movie. Why bring this all up now? They recently published their results, and the cool thing is: they got roughly the same numbers I did! Given the same basic assumptions the math really should match.

On the other hand, it can also be used as a teaching moment, and one that has broad appeal if the movie happened to be popular. So thanks, Bruce Willis! I think. Peer Into the Rainforest's Stunning Biodiversity. Alzheimer's Plagued Her Family. Pretty Well, Actually.

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UCLA Professor Richard Popkins notes that a little-known revolutionary innovation of Newton was to use astronomy to scientifically verify and validate the time-frame of Biblical events in history. He used astronomical discoveries and constructed a chronology of events based upon the positions of the stars described in Scripture and other ancient writings.

He came to the conclusion that the Bible is the oldest historical document and is historically accurate. More accurate than Greek, Egyptian, or Babylonian histories. Newton proved Biblical history to be accurate, and claimed that this meant that God had presented His message from the very beginning of the world through the history of the Hebrews, and through their prophetic insights given to them Moore, p. Some of his interpretations have been accepted by later Bible interpreters, especially among the fundamentalists. Newton studied the history of the Roman Empire, the European Middle Ages, and the rise of Islam in the Middle East in order to identify what actually happened in history with what was predicted in prophecy.

He was in the forefront of critical scholarship of his time, applying modern science to understanding the Bible. Newton and the End of Days Newton dedicated 50 years of his life to analyzing works of Bible prophecies. He deemed his religious discoveries too controversial for public release during his own lifetime. His theological studies remained a secret until recently, when scholars discovered them in the collection of the Jewish National Library in Jerusalem.

Those are the two great virtues that Newton revisits time and time again. By exercising the love of God and the pursuit of truth, any one of us can join the ranks of the elect. According to Isaac Newton, we can prepare ourselves for that fateful time and the worst horrors at the start of the end of the days as we know them now , by exercising those two virtues every day of our lives.

To encourage the love of God, he recommended praying daily, reading selected Scriptures such as Matthew , giving generously to those in need, developing friendships with those of different faiths, and helping with children by volunteering at day care centers or church youth groups. Beyond Armageddon V: Fusion Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Beyond Armageddon? The Last Word. Fritz Leiber — A small family struggles to survive at near-zero temperatures after Earth is ripped from its solar orbit.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers. John Christopher — A virus that destroys plants causes massive famine and the breakdown of society. Made into the film No Blade of Grass. Nevil Shute — also the films based on the book. Rand, Ayn — American society slowly collapses after the country's leading industrialists mysteriously disappear. Teenage Cave Man [19].

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Raymond F. Jones , The world's machinery grinds to a halt after comet dust arrives. Terror from the Year Doomsday For Dyson. A made-for-television play by J. Several of the issues brought up in the programme were discussed in an hour-long debate following its conclusion. A group of survivors from an atomic war become trapped in an underground station — During the play, broadcast live on Armchair Theatre , one of the actors Gareth Jones actually died whilst the show was on the air. George, Peter — filmed as Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick.

The poem from Collected Poems — by George Macbeth. On the Beach [33]. The World, the Flesh and the Devil [19]. Adapted from M. Shiel 's The Purple Cloud. A TV adaptation of a play by Marghanita Laski. Pat Frank — the aftermath of a nuclear war in a rural Florida community. Level 7. The Twilight Zone — numerous episodes, and its revivals. Atomic War Bride [ citation needed ].

A Yugoslav science fiction drama film directed by Veljko Bulajic. The Final War. Shigeaki Hidaka, a Japanese film about a third world war started when the US accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on South Korea Japanese title: Dai-sanji sekai taisen: Yonju-ichi jikan no kyofu. The Time Machine [22]. A Canticle for Leibowitz.

Miller, Jr, Walter M. The Last Woman on Earth.

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The Earth's oxygen levels drop suddenly, suffocating most life—survivors in an oxygen-producing jungle speculate that this happened because of "a bigger and better bomb" but the reasons are not made clear. Beyond the Time Barrier. Galouye, Daniel F. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Ballard — First published novel. World destroyed by increasingly powerful winds. Panic in Year Zero! A movie about a family that escapes Los Angeles after the city is devastated by a nuclear attack. This Is Not a Test.

Loosely based on the John Wyndham novel of the same name. The film Triffids are a venomous space-borne plant, and arrive on Earth via meteorites. Brian Aldiss — Presents a dying Earth where vegetation dominates and animal life is all but extinct. Ballard — Climate change causes flooding. Anthony Burgess — Global over-population and famine leads to mass chaos.


John Christopher — A decrease in radiation from the sun causes a new ice age. Cat's Cradle [44].

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Comic books series by Gold Key Comics. Novel by Austrian writer Marlen Haushofer. Adapted to film in by the same name. A forty-something woman while vacationing in a hunting lodge in the Austrian mountains discovers that a transparent wall has been placed that closes her off from the outside world; all life outside the wall appears to have died, possibly in a nuclear event. War novel by Ralph Peters. Islamic extremists launch a series of dirty bomb attacks against the West, which results in a backlash against Muslims.

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