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For many people, buying shares is the 1 thing they think of when it comes to investing and making fast cum easy money in Malaysia. The other thing I perhaps can relate to what you are thinking is that when you first started…. Who has time to save up a few thousands ringgit to register for that 3 days stock investing seminar which is going to be conducted 3 weeks from now?

What is the minimum amount to invest in stocks? Firstly, you need to open a Central Depository System CDS account by approaching authorized depository agents such as stocks brokerage firms or banks. You need to provide photocopies of IC and a one time fee of RM A trading account with stockbroker or banks will usually be opened simultaneously when you open the CDS account. It has now evolved into apps form, where we reckon that is the way to go here rather than going through the offline way through phone call with remisiers or dealer.

The main advantage of online trading Account over offline trading account is lower brokerage fee transaction cost.

For online trading account, you may call help-desk to start trading but they may impose high brokerage fee. Also note there is stamp duty and clearing fee involved for each stocks buy or sell transaction. Most brokers have an option for you to choose between Cash or Margin Account aka Collateralized account. For Cash account, total trading limit of the day is equal to the amount of cash you have in your trust account. The advantage of Cash account is lower brokerage fee.

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For some stock brokers, the higher brokerage fees is only charged if margin is actually used in a Margin account, otherwise the fee defaults to lower cash account rate even though it is a Margin account. For Margin Account, you are allowed to trade beyond the amount of cash that you have in trust account. Normally, broker allows at least 2 times the amount cash that you have.


On top of that, if you have shares in the attached CDS account, they also can be used as collateral to increase your trading limit. I highly recommend you go for cash account for a start because as Warren Buffett said, you should not borrow money to invest. Trust account is an account where your broker keep cash that you deposited. They may pay interest on the money keep in this account. And you can do this in record time — 10 minutes or less. Heck, it could even beat some of those stock market courses online or value investing courses out there.

It means that, when you are buying stocks of public listed entities and holding them, your name will not show on the registration book of existing shareholders directly, instead it will show your stock broker name.

How ❓ to Invest in Stocks Malaysia [works GREAT in 12222] : beginner-friendly

The advantage is, you do not need to do any paperwork such as fill up forms for bonus issue, right entitlements and others. The most important is your broker have to remember the dateline for all the paperwork, not you. But you still need to instruct them on what to do. However, the disadvantage of nominee account are you are not eligible to apply for IPO and you may not receive the annual report or some gift vouchers easily. Shares will be credited to your account when you buy and debited from your account when you sell on due date.

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At the same time you have to sign two copies of specimen cards and provide copies of your identity card NRIC. If you have multiple trading account, you have to open separate CDS account for each trading account. Sharing CDS account is prohibited. Your stock broker will have a collection account for you to deposit your money into your stock broking account. Use online transfer of FPX payment via online banking. Easy peasy. You might be tempted to be the Jack of all trades and try to tackle all sectors are there in the stock market…for the sake of picking the most profitable or undervalued sectors and stocks….

But this indiscriminate stocks picking approach will kill your you faster than you give up waking up am every morning to run 10 km. The reality is — most of us already have limited time for the thing that we know or we think you know in our lives like our career, etc. Pick your poison from these 2 sectors:.

Regardless of economic or financial markets conditions or , company that produces boring goods for our day to day usage or consumption like eggs, coffee and other form of beverages even alcohol or tobacco, although they are not Shariah compliant. With this informed estimation, you can determine if stocks is undervalued, fairly valued or over-valued. Veteran or aspiring stocks investor always want to look for undervalued stocks in the hopes that they will eventually rise to reflect their intrinsic value. That being said, different investors have different valuation methodologies to calculate intrinsic value.

Therefore, advise you not to lose sleep over the best or the right way to come to an intrinsic value.

How to buy futures [hindi]? Nifty And Banknifty Futurs Trading -Live Market

Even experts themselves have differing opinion when presented the same financial data of a public-listed company. However, without fundamental analysis, you are driven by 2 primitive things, just like most people are, the moment you step into the share market:. If you are one of the people affected by these, it will blind your judgement and subsequently result in poor decision making.

As most people are fixated to short term gains when prices are rising, they are more than willing to purchase stocks overpriced. Well, one major factor why people are vulnerable to losing money in the share market is that they use emotion in their decision making process. For example, when you receive some negative news of a stock, it will link the news to price falling and will trigger the fear of loss.

In such case, the most natural reaction is to sell the stock without investigating further. The massive disposal of a stock will then lead to its price plunging. Likewise, the fear of loss also causes people to ignore bargain. Your mind have not information it needs to think clearly, and as a result, you tend to sell stocks in panic when prices crash.

In addition, the exaggerated bad news cast over the media will result in extreme stress, further triggering the fight or flight response in that primitive reptile part of your brain. When the emotions are combined with the herding mental shortcut belief of following other people selling is safer than doing it differently , it leads to panic selling, as the depressed investors unwittingly allow their emotion to overcome rational thinking in the decision-making process.

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They buy the stocks solely based on hype and hope that the stocks price will double in 12 months. During economic crisis, when everyone rushes to sell the stocks and analysts also give strong sell recommendations; whatever you fear will be validated and therefore you will rush to liquidate their positions hastily to prevent further loss. When most investors buy a stock, they expect it to go up immediately.

The myopia always leads to ignorance of the underlying business and overemphasis of short-term gain. In summary, when the hot stocks lose their momentum and heading south, uninformed investors will be spooked by the selloff and tend to sell immediately at a loss.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that most people have never even won a cent in their investments. The more research or homework you do in your share market investing, the better you are to get the results return that you desire. Knowing all the stock investing or trading strategies in the stock market can only get you so far. You need to realize that despite all hard work put in, you may still suffer short term paper losses. No amount of studying its annual reports aka stocks fundamental analysis or doing technical analysis for the sake of determining the stocks is a good buy could have prevented calamity.

In other words, even if you are so sure that the stocks is undervalued at the point you bought it, you will still be subject to huge, unexpected financial loss. Another example of a black swan event, but a positive one, coupled a hint of geopolitical element note: political risks had always been the major driver of stock price in short term. Again, no amount of analyzing annual reports or financial reports or technical analysis could have predicted this. Corporate actions such as Related Party Transactions which does not benefit minority shareholders will send stocks price tumbling like no end. Even if you are a conglomerate like Genting the only casino operator in Malaysia. The pain of waiting your paper-loss investment to go back up without the ability to do anything productive is excruciating.