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The conference had participants from across the Americas, so we had live translation between English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Robin was coordinating all of the food at the venue. She worked with the staff in Spanish to make sure I had safe meals. Truly, she was just tremendous. Some other conference attendees and myself! Folks from the US, Venezuela, Mexico, and more!


The day was long, but we had an exhilarating dinner that night at a private art venue in the city with a local food crew. They were making tacos that changed my life. They were using all fresh, local ingredients and hand-pressing and heating the tortillas on-site.

They made a variety of fillings. Robin helped check which of the fillings were safe with the food crew again, Robin to the rescue! I was able to enjoy some incredibly delicious tacos with fresh ingredients. We had one last day of the conference on Sunday, for the morning.

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After that, five of us from Denver two staff from the non-profit and three of us from DU went and adventured around Mexico City for the rest of the day. Darylann and I flew back together on Monday and resumed school! First, the water. I was careful during the first 36 hours or so.

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Mexico City does not have great water and I knew that walking in to the weekend. I had bottled water and I knew not to just fill my refillable water bottle at any old water fountain. Then: the hotel we were staying at served drip coffee in the morning and while they said that the water they used was filtered, my stomach definitely disagreed. I threw up, recovered quickly, and continued on with the rest of my day. The venue we were at for the conference El Club de Banqueros actually filtered their water enough: they provided coffee throughout the day and my stomach agreed with that coffee.

Lesson learned!

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I refused to get water or coffee from our hotel for the rest of our time in Mexico City. I exclusively bought bottled water and was much more conscientious about drinking water through the whole weekend. The second real issue was the smog and pollution.

Denver is a pretty clean city so my mild asthma is rarely triggered, even during the springtime season. This was an agreement reached with my doctor, so please talk with your doctor about the best practices to help control asthma if you have it. The smog really activated some minor breathing problems the first day I was in Mexico City: essentially, it was just some tightness in the chest. Now, for the weirdest story of the trip! It was our last day and we were adventuring around the city.

We went to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a beautiful cultural center in the center of the city. There are gorgeous murals from artists and has some beautiful rotating galleries of contemporary art. Diego Rivera has a very famous mural installed at the Palacio — and after seeing the Frida Kahlo house, I definitely wanted to see some of his art!

Everything was going fine for the first fifteen minutes: we dropped off our bags and began wandering around the gallery. Slowly, my skin became red. My eyes swelled up and my face turned a nice hue of red as well. My skin was not itchy at all, but my eyes definitely hurt. I had no idea what was going on!! My companions were all very concerned and pointed out my very red skin.

I looked like a very sunburned American walking around with very red eyes.

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However, I had absolutely zero breathing problems and nothing else was happening besides my skin and eyes being very red. Nothing even itched! Such a weird, weird thing. Anyway, I was wondering if it was something I had eaten for lunch a delayed reaction, nonetheless, because I had eaten over an hour prior. However, once we grabbed our things and stepped out of the building, I took a Benadryl and my symptoms disappeared within the next fifteen minutes.

That would not have been an ideal situation, but it would have been medically necessary. Other than those three things, the trip was great! Robin was such a huge help in making sure my food was safe for the duration of my trip she even helped order a dinner at a restaurant our final night there. The whole experience was amazing, and I loved the city so much! I also loved all of the people I got to meet at the conference and had such a blast. Happy travels, all! In the end, the retreat was moved so DK merely booked separate flights. Thomas and I, however, decided to fly Virgin America!

I double checked their food allergy policy and everything was going to work out just fine! Alaska does have a pre-board option, unlike Virgin. I try to stick with safe airlines Southwest being the gold standard , but we were very price conscious since we knew San Francisco was going to be expensive. I felt comfortable with my choice and I had absolutely zero issues with the flight!

They were absolutely extraordinary hosts and truly loving, wonderful people. We arrived around 8pm and decided to go for a late dinner at a local pizzeria. I immediately fell into the casual rhythm of travel: go with the flow, deal with any issues as they arise, and make sure I always have a safe option. It was more of a craft Italian restaurant, so the meal was delicious and I merely asked the waitress to make sure that the pizza was made safely to keep me safe!

Worked great. Mike and Bette had asked if we wanted any food around the place and Thomas had merely requested breakfast food so we could go out and experience the city in during the day and eat as we pleased. They provided so much food. In all honesty, I have no idea whether Thomas informed them of my food allergies. Nonetheless, all of the food Mike and Bette purchased was safe.

Of course, breakfast food for us was eggs, sausage, fruit, and vegetables so it was pretty hard to find something unsafe. Over the course of the next week, we walked around most major parts of the city.

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We also purchased a week pass for the transit system the Muni. We walked along the entire Embarcadero and the whole pier, saw Chinatown, went to Alcatraz on a night tour, saw two incredible cathedrals, participated in a civic protest, and enjoyed nights on the pier and in Noe Valley.

We ate wondrous food, saw incredible parts of the city, and stayed in on some rainy days. It was a truly fabulous week.

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I want to highlight a couple of events that I did not anticipate. On one day, when we were walking down the Embarcadero, we ended up on the far north side in Ghirardelli Square.

My general rule with any chocolate is not to eat it unless I have called and made sure the production process is safe since so much chocolate nowadays includes nuts of some kind. Nonetheless, we entered into their shop and I mildly perused their offerings, just seeing what was around. Thomas and DK were superbly excited because they love chocolate and Ghirardelli. I waited around while they got a milkshake and purchased a couple gifts.

Thomas was all about Ghirardelli. I knew they wanted to eat some of it. This worked great!