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Organizations in the HPH sector are bound by a wide range of legislative and regulatory authorities on the federal, state, and local levels. HSPD establishes a plan to meet the medical needs of citizens in a catastrophic health event. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires hospitals to treat patients needing emergency care regardless of their insurance status. Disaster situations involving mass casualties tax the resources of critical facilities in terms of labor, medical supplies, and space.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of HIPAA is a law designed to improve healthcare services delivery, lower costs by reducing paper records and claims, enhance electronic transmission of documents, secure medical data and patient information, prevent errors in the healthcare system, and transfer funds more securely. The regulations require that entities perform a risk analysis to identify risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the health information they control. Security measures must be documented. They include specific technologies e.

Each breach of data security can cost healthcare entities millions of dollars for such expenses as notifying customers and paying legal fees and regulatory fines.

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Such incidents are mitigated through encryption, remotely wiping out data, and wiping out data after multiple failed password attempts. HIPAA permits companies to release protected health information to a law enforcement agency under certain specified conditions. For example, a hospital must report certain types of wounds, such as gunshot wounds. Requested information must be disclosed in compliance with a court order, warrant, or judicially or grand-jury-issued subpoena or an administrative subpoena or summons.

A Discussion with Kirstjen M. Nielsen Secretary of Homeland Security

The Joint Commission , previously known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations JCAHO , is an independent, not-for-profit organization and dominant force in promoting standards in the healthcare field that affect funding from government. The Joint Commission addresses how hospitals should provide a secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

They include maintaining a security management program and addressing security concerns regarding protecting people and assets. Other standards focus on, for example, training and emergency management.

Examples of other organizations that oversee regulatory requirements include OSHA, government departments of health that perform a variety of duties to protect patient health and safety, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services whose duties focus on fraud mitigation, and local government building and fire departments that ensure code compliance. Although not a regulatory authority, the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety IAHSS , which was founded in , developments standards for healthcare security practices, training, and certifications.

This group enhances the professionalism of those who protect healthcare institutions. It is a not-for-profit organization for hospital security, law enforcement, and safety professionals. Anthony C. The engagement began with a physical security assessment, documenting existing subsystems, hardware, and software and providing guidance on construction plans to accommodate a new physical security system. Operational procedural details use cases were initially documented for the future evaluation and process improvement of remote monitoring and surveillance of isolated power substations.

The collaborative effort determined an extensive need to satisfy new corporate integration requirements and federal regulations, including:. Remote control of devices through a single graphical mapping interface. I inherited this project when the company questioned the original architectural solution, which was designed more like a CCTV project rather than a DVS project, since every device in the yard—access control, sensors, cameras, paging system—was hardwired back to the main distribution facility MDF. The original power substation security solution included strains 20, feet of single-mode fiber to the MDF and two smaller interim distribution facilities IDF.

There was no climate control in the MDF a large metal shed structure , which had a single space heater and temperatures reaching degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. I added an environmentally controlled cabinet to house all the physical security equipment, explaining that heat damage is the most difficult issue to diagnose and that, although the Cisco switches may be able to handle the heat within their specifications , the server and storage, paging, and access control controllers might not last more than a few years in those kinds of conditions.

The two IDF locations were smaller, with enough space heaters and exhaust fans to determine that the hardened switches and power supplies could withstand the radical temperature and humidity changes. All network cabinets included environmental monitoring alerts for temperature and humidity integrated within the single interface. Seventeen new poles were installed along the fence perimeter, and the structural integrity of five existing poles was analyzed and deemed acceptable for a total of 22 poles used to mount devices for this security solution e.

There are three power sources, dedicated circuit breakers through uninterrupted power supply UPS backups for each circuit providing power to pole equipment and a separate UPS for network cabinet equipment. The 27 spot motion detectors used the infrared spectrum to monitor motion and not the visual spectrum through the cameras for better performance and reliability.

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The majority of these detectors monitor the fence perimeter as a second line of defense, behind the fiber perimeter intrusion subsystem. These are also used for the motorized gates and the interior of the buildings. The outdoor units included snow shields and heater modules. Electrical and construction engineering drawings and diagrams were created and updated continuously since this was an iterative collaborative process, assuring that the operators had the information they needed in the format and method they needed to satisfy both corporate requirements and federal regulations.

Because most of these substations are in rural locations and mostly unmanned, the effectiveness and delivery of all the information are crucial to the protection of the facilities. Interactive diagram showing physical security integration. The result: When an intruder even touched the fence surrounding the yard, the fiber sensing media installed on the fence sent an alert, by specific zone, to the controller.

Those cameras were configured to presets by zone and would pan to that fence location. An alarm function was configured within the VMS to pop up an alarm tile in the video wall of the incident, giving the operators immediate visual confirmation of the potential intruder. Remotely, the security operators could then automatically follow the intruder within the yard and determine the risk assessment and the next course of action.

The access control system at the gates was also integrated into the VMS system, along with the beam detectors, which provided an alert to operations if someone were entering or exiting the facility. This activity opened an alarm tile to give the operators the ability to identify any tailgating.

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The entire disparate solution was designed to work together to provide operations with instant quality and more intelligent information as well as automated monitoring capabilities to secure the unmanned substation remotely. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Sign In Help.

Download as PDF. Set alert. About this page. Learn more about critical infrastructure protection. Terrorism and Homeland Security Philip P. Q: What was the reason for building your own program? Q: How did you get management buy-in for your program? Q: Was budget an issue?

US Homeland Security head Nielsen quits amid border frustration

Not only are such walls structurally and logistically unsound, but some designs would violate a year-old treaty between the U. The treaty mandates pre-building approval of both the U. But blocking the flow of water is not the only damage the wall causes. The most biologically diverse desert in the United States, the Sonoran Desert spans , square miles of Arizona, California, and northern Mexico.

It is home to thousands of plant and animal species uniquely adapted to the arid climate. Border militarization threatens the habitats, food and water supplies, breeding and migration patterns of these species. S-Mexico border. We know the impacts [the border wall] has already had on our environment. Tribal members were restricted to certain crossing points and had to carry a tribal ID. As the border wall was erected, the tribe saw increased migrant traffic on tribal lands and observed that certain animals were now unable to migrate. For instance, Ignacio says tribal members are stopped by border patrol while out gathering saguaro fruit or collecting basket-making materials.

That directly impacts ceremony. Encounters with the border patrol are so disruptive, says Ignacio, that tribal members sometimes discontinue their traditions to avoid them. They stop going out. Trump does not know the borderlands.

Illegals Cut 9, Holes in Obama-Era Border Fence

He does not know the smell of fry bread, or the way a cholla forest glows in the golden hours just before sunset, or the ferocity of a wash after a summer monsoon. He does not know the pain of a community sliced in half, the bodies in the desert, or the desperation of border crossers fleeing violence and economic destitution. This beautiful, rugged place has already been hijacked and turned into a weapon.

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DHS Test Cut Right Through Trump’s Border Wall Steel Slats with a Saw: Report

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President Donald Trump has a lot to say about the economy. None of those claims are exactly true, but the one that happened during his State of the Union address this year is what keeps me up at night. I rolled my eyes. The average black unemployment rate since November is 6.